Malta cuisine: photos, dishes and recipes of the national cuisine of Malta

Malta cuisine

Malta cuisine

Maltese cuisine is an interweaving of local culinary specialties of the Mediterranean, England, Italy and France.

National cuisine of Malta

Fish products in Malta in the form of sea bass, trout, octopus, red mullet are usually stewed, grilled or cooked with vegetables. Before serving the main course, put an appetizer on the table “bigilla” from pickles, vegetables and herbs. Dried and fresh vegetables are usually added to Maltese soups, supplemented with cheese and meat..

The main dishes in Malta are often prepared “brajoli” (a dish of meat stuffed with eggs and herbs), “ross fil-forn” (a dish in the form of a rice casserole with tomatoes and meat), “arnit mimli” (a dish in the form of a stuffed octopus), Maltese ravioli. It should be noted that, in general, the meal is not complete without putting traditional crispy bread on the table. “hobza”.

Those interested in Maltese sweets should enjoy crispy tubes with various fillings (“cannoli”), Maltese nut nougat (“cubbyte”), biscuit with figs (“kaak tal-asel”), Maltese halva with almonds (“helva tat-tork”).

Popular Maltese dishes:

  • “fenkata” (roast based on rabbit meat marinated in red wine, tomato sauce and garlic);
  • “babbush” (a stew based on snails and garlic sauce);
  • “lamp” (a dish in the form of a fish pie with tomato sauce);
  • “stuffat tal fenech” (a stew whose main ingredients are rabbit, garlic sauce and herbs);
  • “kuksu” (pasta and bean soup).

Where to try Maltese cuisine?

Guests of Malta will be able to taste traditional dishes in small family restaurants, taverns and luxurious restaurants open at ancient palaces.

Valletta invites you to satisfy your hunger “Rubino” (the restaurant's menu features dishes that are a reflection of traditional Maltese recipes - try the tagliata roast beef, stuffed Maltese vegetables, lampu pies), and Melihha in “Bouquet garni” (This family-run restaurant treats guests to Maltese cuisine with a modern twist - fish and seafood dishes deserve special attention).

Cooking classes in Malta

Due to the fact that the Maltese National Cuisine Association operates on the island “Fuklar”, everyone will have the opportunity to attend culinary courses - there they will learn how to cook local dishes and gain theoretical knowledge about gastronomic Malta.

A visit to Malta should be planned for the Chocolate Festival (October, Hamrun), during which you can admire chocolate sculptures and take part in a competition for eating chocolate treats; Beer Festival (July-August, Farsons); Bread Festival (September, Ormi); Wine Festival (September, Ormi).


  • Malta cuisine
  • Malta cuisine
  • Malta cuisine