Transport in Malta. Public transport in Malta - types, development

Transport in Malta

Transport in Malta

Transport in Malta is mainly represented by buses and taxis. It is worth noting that recently, instead of old retro buses, modern buses have appeared on the island, which have spacious saloons, electronic displays (information about the route is displayed here) and air conditioners.

The main modes of transport in Malta:

- Buses: it is worth knowing that buses operate according to summer (mid-June-late September) and winter (early October-mid-June) schedules.
A significant advantage of the summer timetable is that the last bus routes are extended (departing later) compared to the winter.
Buses that enter the airport have the letter "X" in the designation, and those that go on night flights (after 23:00) have the letter "N".
To get off the bus, you need to notify the driver about it by pressing the button by the window or pulling the special rope.
You can enter the bus not only at the bus stop - the driver should give a signal by raising his hand.
You can buy a ticket from the driver or from special machines installed at bus stops. But it is more profitable to get a ticket valid for a day or a week..
To see the sights of Malta and Gozo, you should take a trip on a double-decker tourist bus: a sightseeing bus tour starts from the Valletta embankment and lasts all day (you can get off and on at any stop).

- Ferry: by ferry you can get from Malta to Gozo (travel time - 20-25 minutes) or Comino (the journey takes about 25 minutes), as well as from Valletta to Sliema (the distance is covered in 5 minutes).

It should be noted that regular seaplane flights are organized from the port of Valletta to the island of Gozo (travel time - no more than 10 minutes).


The cost of taxi services on the island of Malta is quite high, with black cars only working on call (paid by the meter), and white drivers (you can catch a taxi on the street) set prices themselves (you can bargain).
In general, travel by white taxis is 1.5-2 times more expensive..

Car rent

To move around the island, it is advisable to rent a car. To do this, you need to contact the rental company, where you (the minimum age is 25 years old, and for 18-24 year old citizens the payment of the "young driver" fee is provided) will be asked to present an IDL and dictate your credit card details.
Pay attention to the fact that the prohibited parking areas are marked with a yellow line, and you can park in the areas indicated by the white rectangles..
In addition, difficulties may arise due to the left-hand traffic operating on the island..
Important: if you plan to visit the historic center of Valletta, keep in mind that there is a charge to enter by car here - this cost is calculated based on the time the car is in the city center (you will not be able to evade payment - cameras record the numbers of all cars that entered this zone ).
With a rented car you can admire the sights of the Maltese archipelago, visit remote, beautiful and deserted beaches, dine at a nearby resort ...


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