Attractions in Amsterdam: photo, entertainment. Amusement parks in Amsterdam

Attractions in Amsterdam


Attractions in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an amazing city. And although today a significant part of the townsfolk thinks that it is a cloud of hemp smoke and glass showcases from which vulgar girls wink at travelers, this is nothing more than a widespread stereotype. Currently, the city offers very interesting programs for tourists, and the numerous entertainment attractions in Amsterdam make it very suitable for ordinary family holidays..
As already mentioned, there is entertainment for every taste. Everyone will be satisfied. The main thing is to draw up a route for yourself in advance, because upon arrival you can easily lose your head from the abundance of opportunities.


Perhaps the most famous amusement park in Amsterdam. True, the rides here are very much for children, since it was created for young visitors. This park is very cozy and comfortable, and there is entertainment for the little ones (swings, sandpits, etc.) and for teenagers..


Also one of the most attractive places for families. Everyone who visits this place will have the opportunity to enjoy the following program:

  • light shows;
  • rafting;
  • viewing theatrical performances;
  • speed roller coaster rides.

Science Center NEMO

There are no classic entertainment attractions here, but any exhibit presented in the exposition can not only be taken in hand, but also examined in detail. Moreover, a significant part of the exhibits is also accompanied by audio and video accompaniment, which will make the study process even more interesting and informative..
The center is open from Tuesday to Sunday, visiting hours from 10 am to 5 pm. The price of both an adult and a child ticket is 12.5 euros. For children under 3 years old, admission is free. Center website:

Dam Square

At normal times, Dam Square is an unremarkable tourist area, but on the eve of national holidays, attractions are brought here and colorful fairs are organized, therefore, if the trip coincides with any holiday, the tourist should definitely look into this corner of Amsterdam.


  • Attractions in Amsterdam
  • Attractions in Amsterdam
  • Attractions in Amsterdam