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Holidays in Amsterdam


Holidays in Amsterdam

Holidays in Amsterdam is a tour of 17th century buildings, canal walks, visits to museums with paintings by Rembrandt and Van Gogh, as well as amusement parks.

The main activities in Amsterdam

  • Excursion: as part of the excursion programs you will see the Royal Palace, the Anne Frank House, the Old Church (OudeKerk), visit the CosterDiamonds diamond factory, the State Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, look at the expositions in the museums of Antique Cameras, Erotica, Handbags, Tulips stroll through the Red Light District.
  • Active: tourists can go cycling (the city has special areas for cycling), spend time in night bars, clubs, coffee shops and discos (look for nightlife near Leidseplein, in the Rembrandtplein, Red Light District).
  • Event-driven: it is worth coming to Amsterdam during the Theater Festival (June), the Summer Festival “Zomerfestijn” (July), the Football Tournament and the Canal Festival (August), the Jordan Festival (September), the equestrian competition “Amsterdam Jumping” (October -November).
  • Beachfront: vacationers should take a closer look at the Blijburgaan Zee beach - here you can relax in a hammock, sip a cocktail, play beach volleyball, do yoga, and also dance in a night disco (with the onset of darkness, bonfires are lit on the beach and invited DJs or musicians appear) ... Good beaches are located in the town of Zandvoort (they are awarded with Blue flags): if you wish, you can find a nudist beach here, go surfing, yachting, go fishing, look at a fish restaurant.

Prices for tours to Amsterdam

To visit Amsterdam, it is advisable to allocate all the summer months and September. An increase in the cost of vouchers to Amsterdam (on average by 40-50%) is observed in April-May (tulip season), in summer, on New Year's and Christmas holidays. As such a low season does not happen in Amsterdam, but a slight decrease in prices for tours to the capital of the Netherlands is observed in early March, November, winter months (with the exception of holidays).

On a note!

Due to unpredictable weather, it is worth carrying an umbrella when hiking, and a raincoat when cycling. If you plan to actively move around the city and visit attractions, it makes sense to get a special card that gives you the right to visit museums and travel by public transport at a discount (you can buy it at the VVV tourist information offices).
Going to shop? Better to devote the first half of the day to shopping (there are a lot of people on the shopping streets in the afternoon).
From a vacation in Amsterdam, you can bring clothes and shoes of world brands and Dutch manufacturers, jewelry, including diamonds, Dutch tulip bulbs, Dutch cheese.

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