Prices in Amsterdam - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Amsterdam

Prices in Amsterdam


Prices in Amsterdam

To experience the spirit of freedom, many tourists travel to Amsterdam. People of all ages tend to go there to have fun and see historical sights. We will tell you what prices in Amsterdam were fixed in the field of services for tourists.

Tours and accommodation

Almost any travel agency has trips to Amsterdam with a flight from Moscow. Rest during the week will cost from 80 thousand to 200 thousand rubles, if the accommodation is in a 4 * hotel. A voucher for 7 days in a 3 * hotel costs 60,000 - 140,000 rubles. You can go to Amsterdam on your own. Flights in this direction are always available. One way ticket costs 9,500 - 30,000 rubles (economy class cabin).
With regard to housing, in the capital of the Netherlands, it can be rented without problems, if you have sufficient funds. A room for 1 person costs 70 - 350 euros per day. The cost depends on the availability of additional services and on the location of the hotel. A tourist can rent an apartment, room or house. The rent for a room depends on the location of the residential building, on amenities, number of storeys and footage. A good room costs € 75 per day. On the outskirts of the city, a room will cost 50 euros. An apartment or house can be rented for 100-120 euros per day.

Food in Amsterdam

There are many budget cafes and restaurants in the city. A portion of pizza can be ordered for 3-4 euros, and a cup of coffee for 2-3 euros. Fast food is offered by the KFC chain. A set lunch costs about 7 euros there. You can have a snack in the cafe for 12-15 euros. There are McDonald's in Amsterdam where you can eat for 6-7 euros. To drink beer in a bar, you need to spend 2-3 euros.


Amsterdam is a densely populated city. Traveling along its streets by car is not very convenient. Therefore, the public transport network is very popular. People prefer to travel by trams, buses, trolleybuses and metro. There are single tickets here, but their prices vary depending on the length of the route. The city is divided into zones, and a ticket to travel through one zone costs 1.6 euros. For each next zone you have to pay 0.8 euros. For sightseeing, rent a bike for € 12-14 per day.

Excursions in Amsterdam

The format of excursion programs varies. Tour operators organize historical, entertainment, educational and other excursions. Very often, walking tours are combined with car tours. A sightseeing tour lasting 4 hours costs 120 euros. A tour from the airport with a cruise on a small ship will cost 150 euros. For an excursion from the capital of the Netherlands to Luxembourg, tourists pay 850 euros.


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