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Transport in Amsterdam


Transport in Amsterdam

There are buses (30 directions), trams (16 lines), metro (4 lines) in Amsterdam. Each tourist can think over a route in order to save money and his time, enjoying the full walks in the capital of the Netherlands.


It should be noted that there are two payment options for public transport.

  • You can buy an electronic card OV-chipkaart, which is valid for travel by buses, trams, metro. The validity period can be from one hour to seven days. You can choose a personal (P-card), anonymous (A-card) or one-time (D-card) card. It is possible to issue a personal card at GVB offices, but for this you will need to write an application in Dutch. Please note that you have to pay seven and a half euros to get a personal and anonymous card. The duration is five years. If necessary, you can upload an additional deposit.
  • D-cards are designed primarily for tourists. Purchases can be made at GVB Tickes & Info, at the GVB ticket offices and ticket machines located at the stations. All machines accept cash and bank cards. If necessary, a D-card can be purchased from a public transport driver, but in this case the price will be higher.


The metro is a convenient form of transport only if you are interested in remote areas from the central part. The metro is actually more like trams. Only three and a half kilometers lie underground. This can be explained by the fact that Amsterdam is not a big city, but at the same time it is not necessary to perceive it as a small one..
The metro starts at 6 am and ends at midnight. Be prepared for the fact that some trains may arrive at their destination by one in the morning, because it depends on the distance of the stations. Subway trains run at intervals of five to ten minutes.


Tram lines cross Amsterdam in all directions. At each stop, you can see an electronic scoreboard and find out the schedule, which is carried out with particular accuracy. Trams operate from 6.00 on weekdays, and from 7.00 on weekends and holidays. The last tram leaves its own route at 00.15. Average driving interval is ten minutes.


Buses are the most popular transport in Amsterdam. Be prepared for the fact that the schedule is usually not adhered to. At the same time, transport develops high speed and you will be able to get to the desired place in the city in the shortest possible time. Buses operate from 06.00 to 00.30. Night buses operate from 00.30 to 05.30. The interval of movement is from twenty to thirty minutes during the day, and at night - one hour..
You can appreciate the convenience of Amsterdam's transport system if you take into account the features that have become known.


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