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Education in the Netherlands


Education in the Netherlands

Are you planning to study abroad? Make a choice in favor of the Netherlands - a country where you can not only get a European-style education, but also improve your knowledge of the English language, and live in Europe for some time.
What are the advantages of getting an education in the Netherlands?

  • High level of education in Dutch universities (curricula meet international standards);
  • Affordable tuition fees;
  • The language of instruction is English;
  • Diplomas from Dutch universities are recognized by other countries.

Higher education in the Netherlands

To obtain a diploma of higher education, you need to enter a university, polytechnic educational institution or an institute of international education.
Universities train specialists in the humanities (students conduct scientific research here). Polytechnic universities train specialists in the field of economics. And the institutes of international education are aimed at teaching foreign students (graduates receive a PhD). Popular disciplines are Science and Technology, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Environment and Infrastructure, Management, Economics and Society..
To enter such an institution, you need to pass the TOEFL test and score at least 550 points..
The training program at the institutes of international education is designed for 18 months. But if foreign students wish to study the full course, they will have to master the Dutch language and enter a Dutch university: after studying for 3 years (the first period), students receive a bachelor's degree, and after 2 periods of study (+ another 1-2 years of study) - a master's degree.
Those wishing to become highly qualified engineers in a wide variety of sciences can enter the Eindhoven University of Technology. And those who want to study the humanities or economics can go to VU University Amsterdam.

Language classes

The Netherlands offers to use the services of language courses: here they study not only the state, but also English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese. Children can sign up for vacation courses (duration of study 1 week-2 months), and adults - for year-round courses.

Work while studying

Students can be admitted to work during their studies (10 hours per week), but this requires a work permit. With regard to summer vacations, students are entitled to work full-time..
Having received your education in the Netherlands, you will receive a diploma that will open the doors for you to work and live in any country in the world..

Pictures of educational institutions in the Netherlands

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