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Souvenirs from Holland


Souvenirs from Holland

Traveling around the world, tourists do not forget for a minute about family and friends who stayed at home awaiting gifts. In the Kingdom of the Netherlands, there is a huge selection of goods that can be bought as a pleasant surprise for friends, but tulip bulbs, wooden clogs and china from Delft have always been traditional souvenirs from Holland..

Flower fever

The Dutch treat tulips tenderly and reverently, considering them not just a symbol of the country, but also a national treasure. It is no coincidence that these flowers and their bulbs serve as the most favorite souvenir from Holland for thousands of tourists who visit the country every year. You can buy tulip bulbs at any market or flower shop. The largest selection is in Amsterdam or in the Keukenhof park, where the annual Tulip Festival takes place.
Prices for a dozen bulbs of common varieties will not exceed three euros, and for more bulbs, sellers will make a good discount. It is important to remember that customs regulations require you to present a phytosanitary control conclusion at the exit from the country, and therefore when buying flower souvenirs from Holland, you should ask the seller if all the documents are in order and ask him for the appropriate confirmation for customs.

Fishermen's shoes

Popular souvenirs from Holland are the famous klomps. Wooden clogs appeared in the Kingdom of the Netherlands more than five centuries ago. The humid climate forced poor peasants and fishermen to sharpen wooden shoes so that they could walk with wet feet as little as possible. By stuffing straw into klomps, they also provided themselves with protection from frosty winters..
Traditionally, wooden shoes were made from poplar or aspen, and the first pair was expecting a baby immediately after birth. By the way, instead of an engagement ring, the Dutchman gave his beloved a pair of wooden shoes, thereby offering a hand, a heart and a practical shoe.
In modern Holland, klomps can be bought at any souvenir shop. Their cost ranges from 30 euros and more, depending on the finish. Experts say that buying this traditional Dutch souvenir is better in the provinces, because it is there that they are made in accordance with ancient traditions..

Netherlands gzhel

The famous Delft porcelain is another popular souvenir from Holland. Dishes in blue and white tones appeared for the first time in the 17th century and it was she who served as the basis for the creation of Gzhel ceramic products. Modern Delft porcelain is very expensive and you will have to pay up to 100 euros for a small saucer. Cheaper dishes are likely to be just a copy of the products of the famous craft..


  • Souvenirs from Holland
  • Souvenirs from Holland
  • Souvenirs from Holland