Holidays in South Korea are traditions. National Holidays in South Korea

South Korean Holidays

South Korean Holidays

Residents of the country respect their holidays and always celebrate them colorfully and on a special scale. Holidays in South Korea are most often held in the form of festivals, and you can get to one of these vibrant events throughout the year..

New Year

New Year is celebrated here twice. The first corresponds to the calendar date and is very quiet. Only family members and close friends gather at the table. But the Lunar New Year is one of the most important dates for all Koreans. For 15 days, the country is immersed in mass festivities, which are accompanied by costume parades and masquerade balls..

Traditionally, on this night in every family a chic table is set, which is simply bursting with various dishes. And this is not without reason, since it is believed that not only living people sit at the table, but also the spirits of deceased relatives.

Busan Sea Festival

The first half of August becomes the time for an unusual festival. At this time, a huge number of guests from many countries of the world come here. All the beaches of the city become the territory of the celebration. Simultaneously with the maritime festival, other, not so grandiose festive events are held in the city, so everyone can find entertainment to their liking.

The Sea Festival has an unusually rich program. Here you will be offered performances by pop artists, and competitions in various types of water sports..

The opening ceremony is accompanied by a grand concert on the beach, where almost all Korean pop stars gather. The last festive event is traditionally a gorgeous fireworks display. The festive program includes performances by jazz musicians and street dancers. In addition, you can visit various exhibitions.

Spring Holidays

Spring festivals in South Korea are mostly dedicated to nature. For example, the Gwangyang Plum Festival, which can be seen in March, appears in all its blooming gardens. Jeju Island attracts a huge number of couples in April. It is at this time that sakura blooms here. Lovers, walking on the petals of fallen flowers, thereby bless their future family life.

Big food festival

This unusually tasty event falls on the month of October, and the city of Nam-do becomes the venue. Here the most skilled chefs in Jeolla province prepare traditional Korean dishes that any guest can taste. It is safe to say that even out-and-out gourmets will be able to get real pleasure..


  • South Korean Holidays
  • South Korean Holidays
  • South Korean Holidays