Currency in Sri Lanka: exchange, import, money. What is the currency in Sri Lanka?

Currency in Sri Lanka

Currency in Sri Lanka

What is the currency in Sri Lanka? This is the question that a tourist who is going on vacation to this wonderful country may ask himself. The main currency of the country is the Sri Lankan rupee, abbreviated as Lan. Rupee, denoted by the symbol - LKR and the code - ₨. 100 cents is equal to 1 rupee. Money in Sri Lanka, as in most countries, circulates in the form of coins and banknotes. In constant circulation there are paper banknotes of 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 2000 rupees, as well as a coin denomination worth 25 and 50 cents and rupees in monetary terms 1, 2, 5, 10.

Exchange rate

The exchange rate of the Lan. Rupee is practically constant, but gradually its value against the dollar decreases. The cost of one Russian ruble is approximately 3 rupees, converting the amount from rupees to rubles, you need to divide the cost in rupees by three (more precisely, by 2.8), transferring rupees to rubles: 100 rupees: equal to 30 rubles.

What currency to take to Sri Lanka

It is easier to exchange Sri Lankan rupees for US dollars. The US currency is freely accepted in local exchangers, you can also pay for the services of hotels, shops located in tourist areas (at a slightly overpriced rate). Therefore the question «what currency to take to Sri Lanka?» is removed, the most logical thing is to take dollars with you. Although, it should be said that other foreign currencies can be exchanged..
Currency exchange in Sri Lanka can be done at airports, specialized exchange offices, banks, etc. Of course, it is not difficult to guess that the best exchange conditions will be offered by banks and exchange offices, so the main part of the currency needs to be changed there..
We do not recommend using bank cards when paying for services due to the large number of cases of fraud. In this regard, when going to Sri Lanka, warn your bank that you intend to use your card in this country. Otherwise, it will be instantly blocked upon any attempt to use it..

Import and export of currency

Sri Lanka's customs regulations allow the import and export of any amount of foreign currency. The import of currency into Sri Lanka of an amount exceeding $ 10,000 and its equivalent in the currency of another country has some limitation, the amount over $ 10,000 must be declared without fail. It is prohibited to import national currency from India and Pakistan.
The national Sri Lankan currency (rupees) is imported and exported from the country in an amount not exceeding 5 thousand rupees.


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