Holidays in Sri Lanka in April: prices and weather. Where to relax in Sri Lanka in April

Holidays in Sri Lanka in April

Holidays in Sri Lanka in April

For many, this distant amazing island is a symbol of a paradise unhurried life. A tourist who first came to Sri Lanka freezes with admiration for the slow, calm rhythm of local life. This, of course, does not apply to the tourism sector, since the staff here do everything quickly enough to please the client. Holidays in Sri Lanka in April will give the guests of the island a lot of pleasant minutes and hours, will allow you to forget about vanity and haste, enjoy the silence of the world around you and inner peace.

Weather conditions in April

This is not to say that spring is in full swing in Sri Lanka in April, there is one continuous summer here all year round. Nature practically does not change, everything blooms and smells like that. The temperature in comparison with March does not differ by a degree, it is kept at the level of +31 ° C (air), +28 ° C (water). The rainy season is ahead, you can say a paradise for tourists is ready and waiting.

National New Year

The inhabitants of Sri Lanka, thanks to their ethnic composition, have adapted to celebrate almost all holidays on earth. Tourists who came here in April may be lucky to celebrate the New Year again, this time the national.

The date of the holiday is calculated by astrologers. But if it coincided with the rest, the tourist needs to prepare for long and magnificent celebrations, processions and ceremonies.

Natural attractions

Tourists naturally spend most of their vacation time on the beaches. There is no one who would come to Sri Lanka and not take the opportunity to enjoy a serene time by the ocean.

Excursions to the most beautiful places of the island, for example, to the Temple of the Tooth Relic, which is located in the city of Kandy, will help to change the situation. Unfortunately, the Tooth is shown extremely rarely, only on major holidays, but the temple itself is magnificent.

Holidays and nights in Sri Lanka

The inhabitants of the island have a strange, inexplicable reverence for days, or rather nights, when the full moon appears in the sky. Therefore, if a tourist's vacation coincides with such a period, he has every opportunity to get acquainted with local traditions, touch the Buddhist culture and get to know the country better..

You just need to be prepared for the fact that during these national holidays, everyday life practically stops: banks, shops, markets are closed, all residents of Sri Lanka celebrate the celebrations together. The ban on alcoholic beverages applies, so it is important for a tourist these days to show tact and respect for national traditions..

Photos of rest in Sri Lanka

  • Holidays in Sri Lanka in April
  • Holidays in Sri Lanka in April