Holidays in Sri Lanka in May: prices and weather. Where to relax in Sri Lanka in May

Holidays in Sri Lanka in May

Holidays in Sri Lanka in May

«Blessed land» - this is how the name of the island of Sri Lanka sounds so beautiful, if translated from Sanskrit. Tourists from all over the world who have barely set foot on the promised land immediately agree with this. Even on approaching the island, through the windows of the portholes, magnificent views open up: endless strips of beaches, the blueness of the sea, dark green or emerald jungle.

A tourist who chooses a vacation in Sri Lanka in May will have time to enjoy the hot sun, paradise pastime in the warm ocean waters, and excursions to mysterious places.

Weather conditions in May

The last month of spring is transitional with the rainy season approaching, which indicates the onset of the low season. Therefore, prices for vouchers are falling, tourists are becoming much less. Those travelers come here whose main goal is to get acquainted with the ancient culture and history of Sri Lanka, and not endless merging with local nature on the beaches.

The temperature regime remains faithful to traditions in May: the same indicators, air +31 ° C, water +28 ° C. Only the amount of heavenly water, rains and showers, increases before our eyes.

Full moon day

Tourists who come on vacation in May will be able to join the celebration of a very important day for all Buddhists, which is called the Vesak Full Moon. The main celebrations take place in the dark, but thanks to paper lanterns, candles and other sources of light, night turns into day. Traditionally, Sri Lankans go to temples, listen to the stories of monks about the life of Buddha. Colorful processions are organized throughout the island, in which tourists are also happy to take part..

Ancient capital

Rainy weather should not be an obstacle to getting new vivid impressions of your holiday in Sri Lanka. You can take advantage of the temporary bad weather and go on an excursion to the ancient city, which 1000 years ago was the capital of the state..

Anuradhapura will reveal some of its secrets to the curious tourist. First of all, you should go to see the Old Town, where the most valuable monuments of the country's history are collected. Dagobas are surprising, in these ancient buildings Buddhists kept their relics, and now you can still see stone statues of Buddha. There is also an opportunity to worship the sacred Bodhi tree, which is considered the most ancient on earth. The Mahabodhi temple was specially built around it. You can take a break from impressions, try local cuisine and buy souvenirs on the territory of the New Town..

Photos of rest in Sri Lanka

  • Holidays in Sri Lanka in May
  • Holidays in Sri Lanka in May