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Sri Lanka Holidays

Sri Lanka Holidays

Sri Lanka is a state that has gathered on its miniature territory a huge number of different religions. Here you will meet people professing Islam, Buddhism, Christians and Hindus, so the holidays in Sri Lanka are significantly different from each other..

Tai Pongal

This is a Hindu festival celebrating the future harvest. It is celebrated by all Indians living in the country. The celebration falls in mid-January, between about 11 and 15.

It is customary to celebrate two days in a row. On the first day, people traditionally visit temples and pray. It is also customary to cook rice pudding on this day, where cashew nuts, cardamom pods, sugar, lentils and milk are certainly added. Only the head of the family is engaged in cooking, and the rest of its members are only in the wings.

The second day is dedicated to the sacred bull, which once (according to legend) helped people in the cultivation of fields. All animals must be washed and cleaned, and then decorated with garlands twisted from straw. Since Tai Pongal is a day of peace and love, on this day you must forgive all your offenders..

Bodhi Tree Festival - Unduwap

This is already a Buddhist holiday that ends the year. They celebrate it in the month of December.

The event is dedicated to an important event for Buddhists - the delivery of an offshoot of the Bodhi tree to the country, which is considered sacred by Buddha worshipers. Today it is a mature tree that has grown to incredible sizes. In addition, it is the oldest of all plants that can be found in Sri Lanka. Thousands of pilgrims and just curious people come to him every year..

By the beginning of the festival, the area around the tree is decorated with colored lanterns and flags. It also hosts performances dedicated to the holiday. But the main events take place in the city of Anarahapur.

Festival of the Sacred Tooth of Buddha

The holiday is dedicated to a Buddhist shrine - the tooth of the great Buddha. Esala Perahera is celebrated in the city of Kandy. Celebrations continue for ten whole days. Here you can admire exotic dancers dressed in colorful national costumes, see the processions of elephants, as well as bright Buddhist rituals.

The festival has existed in its present form since the middle of the 18th century. It was then that the reigning monarch allowed once a year ordinary people to see a sacred relic - a casket in which the tooth of Buddha is located. Until that time, only ruling kings allowed it..

Festival in Katagarama

It is held in July, when numerous pilgrims flock to the city. The holiday is dedicated to the victory of the god of war Skanda over the demonic army. Thousands of people come to Skanda to ask for help and salvation, as well as healing from diseases.


  • Sri Lanka Holidays
  • Sri Lanka Holidays
  • Sri Lanka Holidays