Features of Tajikistan - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Tajikistan

Features of Tajikistan

So far, this state is not among the Asian countries popular with tourists. Meanwhile, the national characteristics of Tajikistan could become an attractive moment for a part of the curious public, which travels around the world in search of new sensations..

In this country, especially in remote regions, the patriarchal way of life is still preserved, you can get acquainted with various rituals that are associated with certain crafts, calendar or religious holidays.

Initiation into the master

A very beautiful sight, which, moreover, is filled with deep meaning for Tajiks. The custom is called camarbandon, a kind of initiation into a master. Traditionally, boys were taught to some kind of craft from childhood, giving them training to a recognized artisan. Over the course of time and upon reaching a certain level in the profession, this beautiful ceremony was performed..

The master girded the initiate and symbolically presented the tool of the craft. The initiate was obliged to organize a table in honor of his mentor. All the students and masters of the artel or workshop, colleagues gathered at the table.

Mother and child

A number of interesting customs among Tajiks are associated with pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. The first 40 days of a child's life were considered very important, they even got their name - chilla. During this period, the maximum protection of the newborn from evil spirits was necessary. Mother and child were never left without supervision and helpers. In addition, it was customary to maintain a constant fire (light). As amulets, women in labor used:

  • pods of red hot pepper;
  • heads of garlic and onions;
  • sharp objects.

For forty days, there were still special important days for the newborn, for example, the first bathing, the rite of putting on the first shirt. They took the shirt from the old man (old woman), hoping that the baby would have the same long life. At the end of the sacred period, the mother and child went out to people, some of the relatives organized a treat.

Ancient rituals of Tajiks

To this day, the inhabitants of Tajikistan revere ancient traditions, many rituals in one form or another have been preserved and are being carried out today. At a Tajik wedding, it is customary for newlyweds to shower with sweets, dried fruits, so that family life is sweet and rich. Again, in order to protect against unkind spirits, the bride and groom needed to have a red color in their wedding dress..


  • Features of Tajikistan
  • Features of Tajikistan
  • Features of Tajikistan