Airport in Nairobi: scheme, photo. How to get to Nairobi airport

Airport in Nairobi

Airport in Nairobi

Airport in Nairobi - the capital airport of Kenya, located about 15 kilometers from Nairobi. It bears the name of the country's first president, Jomo Kenyatta. The airport is connected by air with more than 50 cities around the world. For Kenya Airways and Fly540, the airport is the main hub.
The airport in Nairobi is located at an altitude of 1624 meters above sea level. It has only one runway, the length of which is more than 4 kilometers. About 6 million people pass through Jomo Kenyatta Airport every year, the ninth highest in Africa..


The airport in Nairobi begins its history in 1958, it was then in March that the airport was inaugurated. After Kenya gained independence, the airport was named Nairobi International Airport.
In 1972, the airport managed to get a large loan to expand the airport and improve the quality of service. The borrowed funds were used to build a new passenger and cargo terminal, police and fire service buildings, as well as build new taxiways and reconstruct the road leading to the airport terminals. The entire renovation project cost $ 29 million.
In 1978 the airport was named the first president of the country - Jomo Kenyat.

Terminal and services

The airport in Nairobi has 2 terminals, the old terminal is used by the Kenyan Air Force. It is often referred to as the old airport. The second terminal is completely passenger, it has three sections that are responsible for the arrival and departure area of ​​international and domestic flights. In terms of the construction of the fourth section, however, the fire that occurred in 2013 slowed down the construction a little.
The airport in Nairobi is ready to offer its guests all the necessary services. Here you can find cafes and restaurants, ATMs, lockers, mail, etc..
There is a first-aid post and a pharmacy on the territory of the terminal, there are also shops that offer various goods..


There are several ways to get to Nairobi from the airport. Buses regularly depart from the terminal building, which will take passengers to the city center.
A more expensive but comfortable option is a taxi. You can get to any point in the city by taxi.

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