Coat of arms of Zambia: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Zambia

Coat of arms of Zambia

Many African countries have recently received the right to self-determination and are taking their first steps as independent states. On the other hand, they take into account the experience of other countries on the planet. For example, the coat of arms of Zambia reflects the identity of the nation, the indigenous population, but is built according to the classical heraldic canons.

Description of the coat of arms

The main state symbol of the country was approved on October 24, 1964 after independence from the British Empire. The English shield, which is present in the image of the coat of arms, will always remind the indigenous people of this stage of history. The shield, called the English one, is the centerpiece of the coat of arms of Zambia. It is quadrangular, but has a sharp base..

Among the important symbols that adorn the coat of arms of this small African state, in addition to the shield, one can note:

  • supporters - a man and a woman, representatives of the indigenous population;
  • an eagle crowning the composition;
  • tools;
  • green base;
  • country motto.

Zambia is one of the few countries that has chosen people as supporters, rather than predatory animals, birds or reptiles. The man and woman look quite ordinary, but dressed in outfits of the European style of colonial times. This emphasizes the value of each inhabitant in the history of the country, the same idea is voiced by the motto written on a white (silver) ribbon, which can be translated as «One Zambia - One Nation». The motto is a kind of call to unite citizens.

The main symbols of Zambia

Two primary colors have been chosen for the shield, the field is black, along it there are six vertical silver wavy pillars. Black symbolizes Africa, which is often called «black continent».

Silver waves are a reminder of the famous Victoria Falls, which is located on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia; it plays an important role in the life of these countries. A natural landmark listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists visiting Zambia, and generates considerable income for the country..

The eagle belongs to the list of the most ancient emblems used in ancient times, in Ancient Rome and the same Ancient Greece. Until now, this symbol is present in the heraldry of many countries. A bird of prey on the coat of arms of Zambia, for the image of which the color of gold has been chosen, symbolizes strong state power.


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