Coat of arms of Namibia: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Namibia

Coat of arms of Namibia

The modern coat of arms of Namibia has many interesting national symbols. It is noteworthy that this country recently gained independence - in 1990. Before that, it was a territory controlled by South Africa..

Brief description of the coat of arms

Its main element is a shield made in the colors of the national flag. Other elements of the Namib coat of arms:

  • The screamer eagle that crowns the shield.
  • Oryx supporting the shield.
  • The figure symbolizing the desert is the amazing Welwichia (most of the territory of Namibia is the vast dry Namib desert).
  • Silver ribbon with the motto in English - «Unity, Freedom, Justice».

The very coat of arms of Namibia has changed several times over the past century. This is due to changes in the status of this territory - from the protectorate of Germany to the province of South Africa.

How the history of Namibia was reflected in the coat of arms of the country

The ancestors of the Khoisan-speaking peoples - the Bushmen - live on the territory of Namibia. The colonization of Namibia by immigrants from Europe led to the extinction of many of the indigenous population. Since at that time there could be no question of any heraldic tradition, history does not know examples of the coat of arms of that time.

Only since 1914 was the coat of arms of German South West Africa proposed. The German government decided to do this for all its colonies. The coat of arms was developed, but the First World War, which began in the same year, did not allow this project to be implemented. This coat of arms depicted an African bull, a diamond, an imperial German eagle. In a small modification, such a coat of arms was used on stamps produced for this territory..

In 1949, the Union of South Africa effectively became the administration of South West Africa. And in 1968 the UN decided to rename this territory to Namibia. The development of a new coat of arms began back in 1958. The new project was registered only in 1963. In connection with the government reform and the policy of apartheid, work on the introduction of such a coat of arms was discontinued..

The main elements of the then coat of arms of Namibia - the province of South Africa:

  • Red shield.
  • Animals - karakul and African bull.
  • Eagle.
  • Oryx.
  • The image of the desert and velvichia - a unique plant that grows only in the harshest deserts of the world - Namib and Kalahari.
  • The motto is an inscription in Latin: «By joining forces».

The full coat of arms of Namibia was approved in connection with the proclamation of the country's independence.


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