Coat of arms of Nigeria: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Nigeria

Coat of arms of Nigeria

The Federal Republic of Nigeria has received more and more attention in recent years. In terms of the area occupied by the territory, it is only fourteenth among African states, but it leads the rating in terms of population. Among African countries, it occupies a leading position in the field of oil production, but the coat of arms of Nigeria, rather, indicates other natural resources.

Nigerian coat of arms

The image of the coat of arms, on the one hand, inherits world heraldic traditions, on the other hand, images and symbols are conveyed somewhat naturalistically, in the style of naive art. At the same time, they are filled with a deep meaning that is not visible to a European at first sight..

In fact, the coat of arms of the Nigerian state can be divided into four semantic groups:

  • a shield in a central position;
  • supporters transmitted through images of white horses;
  • base;
  • eagle crowning the composition.

The combination of colors of the shield seems unusual: its field is black, and the depicted cross is silver. A rare form of the heraldic cross is used, it is wavy and fork-shaped.

Slightly above the shield is a burette - a symbol traditional for many European coats of arms, it is made in emerald and silver tones. There is a golden eagle on the windbreak, which is also well known to many royal courts of the Old World..

A blooming meadow serves as the basis for the coat of arms. The species costus spectabilis is depicted - there is no translation of the name of these flowers into Russian yet. It belongs to perennial herbaceous tropical plants, the distribution area is wide enough, it also covers Nigerian territories. At the same time, the locals consider it not just a representative of the local flora, but a national flower..

Emblem of the coat of arms of Nigeria

The blooming meadow undoubtedly symbolizes the natural wealth of the country. The fact that local soils are characterized by fertility will tell the black field of the shield. The silver cross is a symbolic image of the two largest Nigerian water streams, the famous Niger River and the lesser known Benue.

Golden eagle, a traditional image for heraldry in Europe and Asia. Its appearance on the main symbol of the Federal Republic of Nigeria pursues the same goals - it is a kind of demonstration of the strength of the state. Horses represent pride and dignity. The gold ribbon, which has a red underside, demonstrates the motto that conveys the main goals of the state and the dreams of residents of unity and faith, peace and progress.


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