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Samoan traditions

Samoan traditions

An island state in the South Pacific, Samoa was the center of the formation of the Polynesian culture at the turn of the old and new era. They were engaged in a constant rivalry for dominance in Oceania and most of the traditions of Samoa were somehow connected with the war between the tribes..

Leader of the government

The people of modern Samoa have successfully preserved their customs and culture. This is manifested even in the system of political power. The head of state in Samoa bears the title of "chief of government". At the time of gaining independence in 1962, the country became one of the supreme leaders of the archipelago.
The tribal principle is also the basis for the administrative division of the country. According to Samoan tradition, there are several communities in each village, and the head of the most influential of them also governs the village. Each dozen villages are united into a district, headed by a district chief. At the same time, there are quite modern political parties in the country, it is a member of the UN, WTO and many other respected public and financial organizations..

Chocolate empire

One of the main traditions of Samoa is the cultivation of cocoa. The plantations of this agricultural crop occupy a considerable share of the island's area. The cocoa beans produced are of excellent quality and are highly rated in the chocolate market. Most of the resulting products are sent to New Zealand to confectionery factories, where they are processed into first-class chocolate..
Samoa's second agricultural tradition is rubber production. During the period of German colonization, thousands of workers from the countries of Southeast Asia were brought here to work on the hevea plantations..

What are they Samoans?

For Europeans who came to Samoa, the traditions and customs of local residents seem to be undoubtedly exotic. However, upon close acquaintance, it turns out that the descendants of the ancient Polynesians are not alien to universal human values:

  • The vast majority of the inhabitants of the archipelago are Christians. Only one hundredth of Samoans are atheists or belong to other faiths.
  • Relationships between people in the Samoan tradition are based on mutual respect. It is customary here to adopt and adopt orphans by close relatives, and to carry out large and hard work together..

The inhabitants of the islands love to decorate themselves with tattoos, which differ between men and women. Samoans love music, and in dance, any true islander tells his life story and expresses himself.


  • Samoan traditions
  • Samoan traditions
  • Samoan traditions