Flag of Chad: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the national flag of Chad

Chad flag

Chad flag

The national flag of the Republic of Chad was approved in November 1959 shortly after receiving autonomous status as part of the French Community.

Description and proportions of the flag of Chad

The Chad flag field is rectangular. The canvas is divided vertically into three rectangles absolutely equal in width, each of which has its own color. The stripe of the Chad flag closest to the pole is dark blue. The free edge is bright red and the middle is bright yellow. The length of the flag of Chad is related to its width in a 3: 2 ratio.
In the flag of Chad, you can feel the influence of the state symbols of France, a country under whose colonial rule the African state was for a long time. The blue field of the flag of Chad is not only one of the colors of the French national flag, but also a symbol of sky and water, giving hope for a brighter future..
The red field of the Chad flag is a tribute to the memory and respect for the victims of repression. This part of the cloth reminds of the blood shed by the defenders of freedom and independence. The yellow part of the flag of Chad is painted in honor of the sun, which shines generously on the African continent, and in honor of the desert, whose hot sands are home to the tribes of the nomads of Chad.

History of the flag of Chad

The independence of the Republic of Chad was proclaimed in the fall of 1958. Over the next year, the country used the French flag, and its own was developed by local political activists and artists. Six months later, the draft of the flag of Chad was submitted for consideration, but it was not accepted due to the fact that the pan-African colors used in it were used on the banners of other states that were once French colonies. Then it was decided to leave one of the fields of the flag of Chad blue, thereby emphasizing a tribute to the memory of the colonial past and designating the main symbols - water and sky.
A decade later, the country's coat of arms was adopted in Chad, on which the colors of the flag are repeated in all themes. The central motif of the coat of arms is a shield with zigzag blue and gold stripes that symbolize the waters of the great Lake Chad. The shield is held by a lion and a goat standing on their hind legs, the figures of which are also painted in gold paint.
A bright red African sun rises above the shield, and in the lower part of the coat of arms there is an image of the main national order of the country, surrounded by a green laurel wreath.
The coat of arms of Chad, like its flag, is an integral state symbol of the state..

Photos of the flag of Chad

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