Flag of the Gambia: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the national flag of the Gambia

Gambia flag

Gambia flag

The national flag of the Republic of the Gambia was adopted in February 1965, together with the country's constitution.

Description and proportions of the flag of the Gambia

The flag of the Gambia has a classic rectangular shape. Its width and length are related to each other in a ratio of 2: 3. The flag field is divided into five horizontal stripes of unequal width. The upper stripe on the flag of Gambia has a bright red color, equal in width to it, the lower one is dark green. There is a dark blue stripe in the center of the flag, which is slightly narrower. The blue field of the flag of Gambia is separated from the extreme red and green by thin white stripes. The proportional width of the stripes on the flag can be represented by the formula 6: 1: 4: 1: 6.
White is a symbol of peace and prosperity, just like on the flags of other countries. The Blue Field pays tribute to the River Gambia, whose waters bring life to the country and its people. It flows between green jungles and red savannas, which are the main natural areas in the Gambia..
The national flag of the Gambia, according to the law of the country, can be used for any purpose, both on land and on water. It is raised by citizens, government services, and government officials. The flag of the Gambia is used by its army and naval forces, as well as by the commercial navy and private ships..
On the coat of arms of the country, adopted a little earlier, the colors of the Gambian flag are repeated. The heraldic shield has a blue background with white and green edging, and a white ribbon on which is inscribed «Progress. Peace. Prosperity» - the motto of the republic, - red lining.

History of the flag of the Gambia

As a protectorate of Great Britain, the country has for many years used as a state flag, typical of the colonial possessions of this European state. It was a dark blue cloth, in the upper quarter of which the flag of Great Britain was inscribed in the canopy. The coat of arms of the colony of Gambia was applied on the right half of the cloth. In the circle of the coat of arms, the central place was occupied by an elephant with a raised trunk, behind which a palm tree was visible between the mountains.
In 1965, the artists of the Republic of the Gambia came up with the idea of ​​their own flag, which they helped to bring to life in the College of Arms of Great Britain. In 1963, the country gained full independence, and after a year and a half, the new flag of the Gambia adorned all the flagpoles of the smallest African state..

Photos of the flag of Gambia

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