Independent travel to China

Independently to China

Independently to China

The tourist value of the Celestial Empire defies description. The Buddhist temples and golden beaches of Hainan, the Great Wall and skyscrapers of Shanghai, the giant pandas in Hong Kong Ocean Park and the glitter of Macau's casinos are all a multi-day program, each one promising to be unforgettable. It is possible and necessary to come to China on your own - the country is quite safe and very hospitable, and the difficulties of translation overtake tourists less and less - the Chinese en masse master not only English, but also Russian.

Entry formalities

A visa to China for a Russian tourist is both required and not, depending on where the guest is going:

  • To travel to mainland China, you will have to obtain a visa, the package of documents for which must include a hotel reservation for the entire period of stay, medical insurance and an invitation from a Chinese travel agency or hotel. If you independently enter China through Xijiao Airport in Manchuria, you can apply for a visa right at the border..
  • To visit Hong Kong, an entry visa is not required if the Russian citizen does not plan to stay there for more than 14 days.
  • You can also visit Macau without any special preliminary preparation. Visa is issued at the entrance and for 100 NKD.
  • An entry permit at the airport of the resort city of Sanya on the island of Hainan will cost $ 30. Naturally, the visa is valid only for a stay at the resort and for up to 15 days.
  • To visit Tibet, you need a regular Chinese visa and permission from the authorities of the Autonomous Region of Tibet, which is issued to a group of at least five people. Individual tours to the mountainous country and trips without permission are not possible.

"Mani-mani" here yuan

The official currency of the PRC is the Chinese yuan. The most favorable exchange rate for converting currency into yuan is offered by exchange offices at international airports, but credit cards are still out of favor in the country. They can be used to pay in hotels and restaurants of the international level, but when buying any product in a store that accepts cards, 1-2% of the amount will be deducted from the client, and the existing discounts will be canceled.
In state department stores and grocery stores, prices are fixed, but in the markets you can and should bargain..
The prices for food in street cafes where locals eat are not too high and any dish can be bought for 6-15 yuan, depending on the ingredients included in it. In establishments for tourists with a menu in English, a complex lunch will cost about 50 yuan, a dessert at 10-12, and you will have to pay at least 20 yuan for a bottle of beer (all prices are approximate and valid for August 2015).


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