Resorts of Aruba: photos, description

Resorts of Aruba

Resorts of Aruba

If there is a paradise in the world, then it is, albeit not in rhyme, - the resorts of Aruba. This conclusion is reached annually by at least one and a half million tourists visiting the blessed island in the Caribbean, which is officially one of the other subjects in the federation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands..

For or Against?

Among the pluses in the piggy bank of arguments for a vacation in the resorts of Aruba, there will certainly be its ideal climate and the endless natural beauty of the beaches on the island. However, real optimists can always turn into pluses and very dubious advantages of such a grandiose undertaking as a flight to the Caribbean:

  • The absence of a direct flight is rather a positive moment of the trip. Docking in Amsterdam will allow you to stretch your legs and get to know the airport, which is not accidentally recognized as the best in the world.
  • Need a visa at the Dutch embassy? But the flight can be planned so as to see the capital of the country and even stay there for a couple of evenings..
  • Not too affordable hotel prices? But after all, the resorts of Aruba are not accidentally considered one of the luxury in the world, and therefore here at least for a short time you can feel like millionaires or movie stars.

And the resorts of Aruba are a mild climate and excellent weather in any season, unique opportunities for diving and all kinds of water sports. The island will provide an opportunity to hit the jackpot in the casino, which are necessary and sufficient here to play with luck in a new place every evening for greater luck.
The absence of additional taxes on goods also speaks in favor of travel, because this is a Caribbean state - a duty-free zone..

Picture from the guide

The famous resorts of Aruba look very similar - the ideal white sand of the beach gradually turns into the smooth surface of the sea in all shades of turquoise. Comfortable sun loungers hide in the shade of palm-leafed umbrellas, while beachfront bars offer tropical afternoon cocktails and noisy parties after sunset..
The beaches on the De Palm and Renaissance islands off the coast of Aruba are places to relax and sunbathe in relative peace and seclusion. Palm and Eagle beaches are the recreation area for guests of the most fashionable hotels in Aruba, and Druif Beach is considered one of the best in the Caribbean..
Snorkeling is practiced in the northwestern resorts of Aruba, and scuba diving will be taught here in four dozen diving centers.


  • Resorts of Aruba
  • Resorts of Aruba
  • Resorts of Aruba