205.1-bedroom house right on the banks of Bang Po for 15 thousand

Basic data

District: Bang Po
Accommodation type: house
Distance to the sea: 5 min walk
Number of bedrooms: 1, bathrooms: 1
Rent price, baht / month: 15000
Host contacts: 0835957093 (the hostess does not speak English very well, but you can communicate)

Pool: no
Internet: yes
Air conditioner: yes


Internet, baht / month: free
Electricity, baht / unit: 4
Water: free
Deposit, baht: no

If you need help with renting, send me a request by mail using the form below. I also remind you that it is better to look for hotels in Thailand through RoomGuru, as it shows discounts in 30 booking systems at once, and not only in the usual Booking, which is not the main one in Asia.

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The house stands right on the shore. The large corner veranda offers sea views. A Thai-style house where the kitchen is below the main room. The living room has glass walls, through which the sea is also visible. The house is not new, it has many minor flaws, such as leaking taps, some not working switches, old furniture and equipment, but in general you can live in it for that kind of money. Another plus is the large area. By the way, there is also a second bedroom, but it is under a roof (hot) and with a low ceiling, so we conventionally consider the house to be one-bedroom. Mosquitoes and grates are only in the bedroom. There is no territory as such, but small palm trees grow around the house and sand instead of earth. Thais live around, visually everything does not look very aesthetically pleasing, but you cannot see it from the house.

Wifi master, periodically falls off - 3 mb / s.
Electricity is paid at 7/11 government rates, which is very cheap (rarely seen).

I wrote it in more detail whole article, when we lived in it.









205. 1-bedroom? house on Bang Po

205. 1-bedroom? house on Bang Po
1 bd, 15,000 baht
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