A new resource for travelers - tripcatcher.com

Wandering around the Internet, sometimes you come across interesting and useful services for travelers. I myself already have a bunch of thoughts in my head, what could be done so useful on the travel theme, what is not yet, or what is not yet as functional as it should be. But, either the spirit is not enough, or the knowledge is sufficient, so for now I just go to the sites and see what the people who have everything they need are doing. That's how I found the recently launched social network for travelers - tripcatcher.

Resource for solo travelers

Resource for solo travelers

Interactive flash card with point-by-point navigation

Interactive flash card with point-by-point navigation

The project is still damp, but given the ambitions of its creators, it can firmly occupy its niche on a par with competitors. Already, it combines the functions of different resources in one place, which is long overdue for someone to do it. It is both a guide to countries, a platform for travel blogs, and a convenient tool for planning your route..

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Site structure

The structure of the site looks something like this: You and thousands of other people create your own blogs on this platform, run them, talk about your trips, upload photos. After that, all records are tied to specific points on the map, and structured for easy search, thereby creating guidebooks for all countries. In addition to blog posts, the creators of the site themselves add information to travel guides: weather, climate data, general articles about a country or city..

Maps on travel blogs

One of the innovations in running a travel blog, which I have never seen anywhere else, is the creation of a map of your travel in the form of a diary, where you can navigate through the points on the map, opening stories attached to them. Convenient, agree. By the way, these maps can also be inserted into a regular blog or LJ, or simply created for the convenience of planning a route without stories about your trip..

Wikipedia travel guides

Another innovation is related to the fact that each user can supplement any material in the guidebook in the manner of Wikipedia. It is no less convenient, since the information will be up-to-date all the time. I am sure that with such functional novelties, the creators will delight their users quite often..

Standard functionality

Of course, the site also has standard functionality for projects of this kind: a forum, hotel search, a list of users with the ability to add them as friends, friends' news feed, broadcasting records to social networks. Although not everyone has the latter.

I would like to wish the creators to develop their project further, as well as to recruit a specialized audience for travel, so that the guidebooks and information in them are really useful for independent travelers..