All Chiang Mai markets - opening hours, map, description

There are many markets in Chiang Mai selling all sorts of things, from groceries to clothing and other accessories. Moreover, some markets are not stationary, but appear on a specially fenced off street only on certain days, for example, Saturdays or Sundays. In the markets you can find Thai hand-made, which is brought from all over the province. There are some pretty funny things.

Prices in Chiang Mai in the markets are quite normal, especially on those that are on weekends. But in the southern part of Thailand, it seemed to me that on Wallking Street on Koh Samui and in Ao Nang everything was the same or more expensive than if I took it somewhere else. However, I mainly compared food. After all, every market is primarily Thai fast food 🙂

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List of markets

The list shows the main markets as well as all the markets in the center. There are, of course, other markets on the outskirts..

Market name What to buy Opening hours and location Night market Clothes, bags, mostly factory made, but there are also handicrafts (paintings, souvenirs and carvings in the central trading building). Fakes of well-known brands: watches, T-shirts and mobile devices. Lots of bars, cafes and restaurants. From 19:00 to 24:00 daily. Located along Chang Khlan road. Saturday market Interesting handicrafts: souvenirs, clothes, bags, shoes, paintings, rice paper lamps, toys, wood carvings, etc. Every Saturday at Wua Lai road. Sunday market Similar to Saturday market, with a slight difference: the selection of handicrafts is larger, but prices for some items may be higher. Sellers explain that this market is the most popular and attracts many tourists. Just like in other markets, you can try to bargain. From 16:00 to 22:00 Every Sunday, at the Thapae Gate. Muang Mai market The largest food market in the city, spanning several blocks, close to the waterfront. The prices are the lowest, there is a wide selection. Locals buy here for themselves, both retail and wholesale for their hotels and restaurants. Round the clock. Warorot market They sell a variety of goods: watches, bags, gold, clothes and shoes, household appliances, etc., as well as vegetables and fruits. The part of the market located in the building is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm. Later, in the dark, street food and clothing vendors deploy. Round the clock. Located in Chinatown in Chinatown. Thanin (or Siri Wattana market) Small food covered market. Vegetables, fruits, sweets, pastries, ready meals, meat. The prices for some products are normal, for some they can be overpriced. The quality of the fruit is lower (most of the watermelons, mangoes or bananas offered are not ripe). From 5:00 to 21:00 Chamni Norakan (or Somphet market) A small market for fresh fruits and vegetables. The choice is not great, but if you live in the center and for a short time, this market is the most successful for shopping for food. A strange phenomenon: prices are not stable - they can change quickly, both in one direction and in the other direction, depends not on the quality of the product, but on the holidays and the mood of the seller. From 6:00 to 18:00. Located on Moon Muang road lane 6, at the intersection of Mun Mueang Road. Ton Lamyai market A large selection of bouquets of freshly cut tropical and mountain flowers, also called the market «wet market», since there is always a lot of water on the ground, which flows from flowers after irrigation or along the local Gakht Dor Mai. Basically, flowers are offered at night, when there is no scorching sun, from which the flowers lose moisture. Opens in the evening after 18:00. Located near the Ping River. Market A small covered market located near the bus stop (cluster) of minibuses.
Meat and fish products. Unknown Market in the north of the square Literally a row of stalls along the street with food, fruits and vegetables. There are still many monks, they are given food. Only early in the morning, in the afternoon and evening, no one is there. Early in the morning, 6-7 am. Market near Tesco A market adjacent to Tesco sells food and items such as T-shirts for 50 baht. Works in the evening and not every day.

Markets map

Not only markets are marked on the map, but also some shops and cafes. If you are interested in Chiang Mai hotels and guesthouses, I recommend the service for booking hotels. RoomGuru and our overview of guesthouses in the historical center of the city (squared).

Services in Chiang Mai

Services in Chiang Mai:

Photos from the market

Mostly a photo from the Sunday Market, which is Sunday Market, because we visited it more often than anything.