Animal Repeller - for those traveling by car

Going to rest with relatives or at sea, we often opt for personal transport - a car. This is undoubtedly convenient, because you can choose the route yourself, besides, the car is designed in accordance with the tastes and desires of the owners, and therefore the children feel almost at home in it - everything around is so dear and familiar.

But the disadvantages of a long journey in the car are also obvious: in a car seat, babies can be stationary for a large amount of time, and this is quite difficult. Children begin to be capricious and express their dissatisfaction, since they have nowhere to throw out all the accumulated energy. In order to avoid such situations, there are many ways to entertain the child - then the road will be transferred much easier. And in order not to delay time if your car stops by the traffic police, it is better to have a digital personal breathalyzer with you..

So, to entertain the child, you can draw. Grab a small crayon album or magnetic board on the road. If the child has not yet learned to draw, he will watch with interest how you draw for him.

You can organize physical education. Devote stops to active games. Mostly children under 6 need a stop every 3 hours. Play hide and seek, run, jump. This will allow the baby to use up the already accumulated energy. It is advisable to leave an animal or dog repeller in the cabin if you move away from the car.

If the child quickly gets tired of sitting, and there is no opportunity for frequent stops, arrange a warm-up right in the cabin. To cheerful music, clap your hands together, turn your head, «bounce» legs.

Surprise your child with a surprise toy. The boy will be pleased with the new car, and the girl with a little doll with accessories. In addition, a brightly illustrated toy book, a children's mobile phone, a kinder surprise, etc. will do..

You can listen to fairy tales or music. Take with you discs with audio fairy tales, rhymes, favorite songs of the child. The little fidget will listen to them with interest.

With an older baby, you can arrange a puppet theater. Create a small puppet show with your own fingers and finger theater figures.

Going on the road, you should remember that a cluttered cabin will lead to additional fatigue not only for children, but also for adults, so you only need to take the necessary things and toys with you - it is better to put the rest in the trunk.