What to see in Prague and where to go - my TOP-15

Prague is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe, where each building in the historic center of the city keeps the memory of the events of centuries ago and is a unique work of art.

Millions of tourists come to Prague every year to stroll through its parks and bridges, visit museums, look at the city from the heights of towers and observation decks, see famous sights, drink a glass of Czech beer and plunge headlong into the unique atmosphere of Prague Castle.

For me, Prague is worthy of multiple visits. I have been there several times and will definitely come again. What I like about this city is that you can fly here from Moscow almost every weekend. Tickets are inexpensive and it takes only 2-3 hours to fly.

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For those who want to save time preparing for the trip and fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere and history of the city, I recommend using the services of an individual guide in Prague. In my opinion, individual excursions are much more interesting than organized excursions with their large number of people in a group, a monotonous announcer guide and a hackneyed program..

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Moreover, with a private guide, you can always agree on a walk at a time convenient for you, and adjust the excursion along the way. Below I post a selection of quality guided tours. Take a look, you will definitely like one of the options. And above all, pay attention to the excursions «How to understand Prague» and «Courtyards and gateways of the Old Town».

I especially liked the second one because I love something hidden from the tourist crowds..

What to see in Prague

Before you delve into the reading, I'll leave you a link in case you find yourself in a TOP 15. Look at my TOP 35, there are more choices.

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Prague Castle

Prague Castle is a huge architectural complex in the east of Prague. Initially, the Castle was built to defend the city, but over time, not only fortifications, but also cultural structures began to appear here. Today, Prague Castle is an impressive sight, which is largely due to the fact that for a long time there was the residence of kings, and since 1918 - presidents..

For this reason, Prague Castle was closed to ordinary people for a long time, which is reminiscent of the famous Beijing Forbidden City. The situation changed in 1989 when the new president, Vaclav Havel, opened the doors of the residence to ordinary citizens and tourists. In order to see and appreciate all the advantages of Prague Castle, you need to allocate at least a day of your time.

Since it is not a separate attraction, but a whole complex: the Presidential Villa, the Royal Garden, the Summer Palace of Queen Anne, the Golden Lane, and the Cathedral of St. Vitus rises above all of this.. More about the attraction.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

National Theater in Prague

The National Theater in Prague is not only a place of cultural recreation and a masterpiece of architecture - it is rightfully the pride of all Czech people. The theater was built with donations from Czech citizens in 1881, but almost immediately burned down, which was a real disaster for the whole society. This reaction of citizens led to the fact that the National Theater was rebuilt in record time - in just two years..

The theater is very popular among the inhabitants of Prague and is one of the main attractions for tourists: it hosts opera performances, drama performances (both by Czech authors and works of world drama).

Tourists are primarily attracted by the external beauty of the National Theater. The facade of the building resembles a palace, and the interior decoration is so luxurious that it also involuntarily prompts thoughts of something royal. Most tourists find it difficult to believe that the National Theater was built for ordinary people..

The Charles Bridge

Another attraction of Prague is the Charles Bridge. Visitors to Prague Castle usually plan their itinerary in such a way as to take the Royal Route, which runs over the Charles Bridge. This bridge connects Prague Castle with the Old Town, and many legends and stories are associated with it..

The bridge was erected in the 14th century, and it was in this way that the Czech kings marched to their residence during the coronation. The bridge is decorated with 30 sculptures, which, according to the old belief, make wishes come true if you touch them. There is also a legend that if lovers kiss on the Charles Bridge, this ritual will become a guarantee of their long, happy love.. More about the attraction.

The Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge


Before the construction of Prague Castle, the residence of the Polish rulers was located in Vysehrad. The Czechs regard this place with great respect, as it is believed that Vysehrad is the cradle of Czech statehood. That is why any local resident can conduct a detailed tour of Vysehrad. Vysehrad Fortress is 500 years older than Prague Castle, therefore the differences in their architecture are cardinal.

There are many attractions near the castle: the rotunda of St. Martin, the church of St. Peter and Paul, as well as the burial place of famous Czech figures - Vysehrad cemetery.

Vysehrad can be seen in the distance

Vysehrad can be seen in the distance

Petrin Tower

One of the main attractions of Prague is the Petrin Tower. Locals are sure that in its grandeur and beauty it is not inferior to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The height of the tower is 60 meters, the weight of the metal structure is 170 tons. You can go upstairs on foot (299 steps!) Or by elevator.

An observation deck is located at a height of 50 meters, from which a picturesque panorama of the city opens. At the foot of the tower there are souvenir shops, cafes and a museum. More about the attraction.

Eiffel Tower in Prague

Eiffel Tower in Prague

National Museum

The National Museum is the most famous museum in the Czech Republic, located on the Wenceslas Square in Prague. It amazes tourists with its size (the height of the building is 70 meters, and the length of the facade is 100 meters).

The interior of the National Museum is made in the neo-Renaissance style and resembles the decoration of a luxurious palace. Here are collected rare collections of exhibits dedicated to history and art.

Letná gardens

One of the largest parks in Prague is the Letenské (Air) Gardens. It has an area of ​​25 hectares and attracts residents and guests of the Czech capital with its silence and tranquility. There is a separate attraction in the park - the Hanavskiy pavilion. Its characteristic feature is an abundance of forged parts with intricate ornamentation..

All year round, contemporary art exhibitions are held in the Letensky Gardens (in the building of the Brussels pavilion). Also in the park is the world's highest metronome (the height of the Prague metronome is 20 meters). Near the metronome there is an observation deck with a view of the Vltava River. More about the attraction.

View from Letenskie Gardens

View from Letenskie Gardens

John Lennon Wall

John Lennon's Wall is a place where all admirers of this musician's work come. The wall is located on Velkopřevorska Square, opposite the French Embassy. Despite the proximity to the building of the authorities, the Wall has a far from official appearance, dazzling with many graffiti, drawings and inscriptions, the main motive of which is - «world peace».

The place has become not only a monument to the famous «beatles», but also a kind of street art museum, where you can often see musicians, artists and magicians. More about the attraction.

John Lennon Wall

John Lennon Wall

dancing House

The more modern sights of Prague are also of great interest to tourists. One of these is the Dancing House, located in the city center. This building was built in the mid-90s. The building is an attempt to embody the image of a dancing couple in architecture, for which the Dancing House received its name from local residents «Ginger and Fred».

As it turned out - in honor of the heroes of the American film of the same name, where the legends of old musicals were filmed. There is a French restaurant on the roof of the building with a beautiful view of the city from the terrace. Also in the building is an office center, a hotel and a gallery. More about the attraction.

Dancing House in Prague

Dancing House in Prague

Old Town Square

The Old Town Square (Staromestske namesti) is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, the historical center of the Old Town and the most popular tourist attraction in Prague. In the Middle Ages, Old Town Square was the center of life. It hosted royal coronation processions, public executions and brisk market trading..

Today, around the perimeter of the square, you can see buildings of different styles and eras, from Gothic to Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo. Here you will find the Old Town Hall with the astronomical clock (one of the symbols of Prague) and a tower with a beautiful view of Prague. And the Golts-Kinsky Palace with the collections of the National Gallery.

The Baroque Cathedral of St. Nicholas and the Tyn Church or the Church of the Virgin Mary in front of Tyn are also one of the symbols of Prague. There is also a monument to Jan Hus on the square.. More about the attraction.

Old Town Square in Prague

Old Town Square in Prague

St. Vitus Cathedral

Vitus Cathedral, the construction of which lasted for almost six centuries in a row, is a prime example of Gothic art in Prague. The cathedral is part of the Prague Castle, which is considered the world's largest castle complex. Vitus Cathedral currently serves as the seat of the Prague Archbishop.

Also, regalia for the coronation ceremony are kept in the building of the cathedral. The cathedral is very popular with tourists and consistently occupies the top lines of attendance, so it is never crowded here.. More about the attraction.

Evening Prague Castle in Prague

Evening Prague Castle in Prague

Old town hall

The Old Town Hall on the Old Town Square was built in 1338. If you look at the history of Russia at that time, then Russia was still under the Mongol-Tatar yoke. The Old Town Hall was built not in one year, but over a long period of time. In one of the towers, in 1410, an astronomical clock was installed, or as they are also called: «Prague chimes».

The clock and the tower have become an independent attraction and enjoy the attention of tourists. The clock is considered a very complex mechanism of that time and every day, every hour from 9 to 21 o'clock, it entertains tourists with a short presentation of figures on the tower.. More about the attraction.

Old town hall

Old town hall

Prague Zoo

A relatively recent construction, but with its own history worthy of a separate post. The Prague Zoo enjoys an unchanging success among the family part of Prague tourists. Since the 16th century, it has been a private menagerie and, over time, has grown into a national treasure of the Czech Republic..

The Prague Zoo survived the Second World War and a serious flood in 2002, which affected it more than other buildings in Prague - the zoo was built in a lowland, the so-called «Troy Basin», who suffered the most.

I boldly put it in the TOP-15 of the best places in Prague, as an excellent option for family entertainment and a respite from the architectural and museum beauty of the city.. More about the attraction.

Giraffes at Prague Zoo

Giraffes at Prague Zoo

Josefov quarter

One of the oldest districts of the city, preserving the history of the first Jewish settlers, who were actively expelled throughout Europe, and in Prague they found a tolerant attitude and great opportunities for arranging their lives and preserving their cultural heritage. The quarter was named after Emperor Joseph II, who initiated reforms that greatly facilitated the life of Jews..

In the Josef Quarter, there are several synagogues, a cemetery and historical monuments that have survived over the past centuries. It is very useful to walk around the block with a personal guide, and not as part of a tour.

Strahov Monastery

Built in Hradcany in 1143, today it is considered one of the oldest monasteries of the white canons (or monks-premonstrants) - if that tells you anything. In total, the monks had about 1300 monasteries in Europe. During the reforms of Joseph II, the monastery was close to closure, like many other religious institutions.

Closed them on the bottom «uselessness for society» - the approach to such organizations is excellent, in my opinion. However, the monks reacted to the message of the emperor and organized a public library in the monastery, the beauty and wealth of which still boggles the imagination of tourists..

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On my first visit, I spent literally 2 days in Prague and just walked around the city. For the first time, it may be fine, but still I would not recommend doing this, then I did not recognize the city at all. Then I had to go again and again 🙂