Announcement of the 1st meeting of - June 29, 2013

Hello! As I said, we would like to hold a meeting with the readers of our blog and who simply want to meet in person. Date - Saturday, June 29, 2013. There are no restrictions and face control, we will meet, talk and go home. We return to Moscow somewhere around the 20th and just before we left again, it would be great to cross paths. And then I know how it happens, you put it off for a long time, and then you will forget about this idea in general.

But there are two questions: the format of the meeting and its location..

Venue: you can just meet in Bitsevsky Park and take a walk, or you can go to the region (approximately southern direction) and jointly visit some manor or something like that, for example Pushchino on the Oka. Accordingly, the first option is such a light version, without a road, for only 2-3 hours, and the second is a pro version with all that it implies..

UPDATE. We meet in Kolomenskoye at 15.00 near the church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. It is inside the park, inside the sovereign's yard. There are several churches in the park, but this one looks different, on top it has several blue domes with crosses. The meadows where you can sit are located not far from it. If you go from the metro, you will need to go through the Spassky Gate (Rear Gate), they are wooden.

The meeting was postponed to Kolomenskoye because of mosquitoes. I visited the Butovo forest, and one of the participants in the meeting was in Bitsevsky Park, and there, and there, it is impossible to sit in one place. Since we ourselves and others will be with children, mosquitoes are not good. It's better to have less nature, but to sit more calmly.

Format: an ordinary walk and conversation, or a thematic meeting with «reports» some of the participants. And in that, and in that version, you can build some kind of dinner on a fire or burner, or something simpler in the form of homemade sweets for tea and thermos.

UPDATE. An ordinary meeting with communication and acquaintance. Have a thermos / water, fruits, sweets for tea with you. We will most likely sit on the grass, who needs to take something under the ass.

If anyone has any thoughts, speak up in the comments. I also ask to unsubscribe those who are potentially going to come on this day or go. The post will be edited and the latest information about this meeting will be added here, so a little later there will be a final announcement here..

Read, How was the meeting 🙂