On City-FM radio station in the Travel Constructor program I tell you about Thailand

On TV we are already showed, in newspaper wrote, it remained only to speak on the radio. And in the summer they called and offered to join the Travel Designer program. True, I have things to do, then I left somewhere, so all summer they could not catch me for air on City-FM. In the end, they decided to make a recording instead of live broadcast. Naturally, I chose the topic about Thailand, since at the moment it is my favorite country..

On City-FM radio station in the Travel Constructor program

On City-FM radio station in the Travel Constructor program

The program goes on for an hour and at first I was worried that I would not have enough stories for all this time, because the breaks are only for advertising. But it turned out that they didn’t have time to ask me even half of the questions, but was ready to say more and more, constantly remembering some new details. And either I am really interested in telling, or I just simply need to be stopped so that I do not spread my thoughts along the tree 🙂

The ether will be either in a week, or in two. But I was allowed to post the recording now. Therefore, anyone interested can listen to our conversation with the presenter. In principle, it can be useful to all those who are going to Thailand for the first time. But about all sorts of subtleties and nuances, I still did not have time to tell, and they can be found on our blog.


Follow the link to download yourself in mp3: Travel Designer with Oleg Lazhechnikov (57 mb).

I've just listened to it myself, and I use a lot of unnecessary interjections, stammer, e-kay and yes-kau. To make it interesting if it was broadcast? I would probably barely bleat at all 🙂 By the way, my surname is incorrectly called, but it is my own fault, I said out of fright that the accent is on the first syllable, so I'm done ...

P.S. Do you think it makes sense for me to do some podcasts? And if so, on what topics?