Balaklava: traveler's notes

It is not for nothing that they say about Balaklava that this is a special world living its own life, because administratively being one of the districts of the city of Sevastopol, it is like a pearl in the crown crowning all its attractions. Many tourists call Balaklava a city, and it is unlikely that they can be caught in a lie because of this, since in the 14th century a fortress was spread on the right bank of the bay, which was an important administrative center of the colonialist policy of the Genoese.
Today Cembalo is only a distant reminder of its former power and luxury, and its ruins are more likely to bring sadness than they can tell about ancient historical events..

Certainly, the dilapidation of Chembalo is quite understandable - not every walls, even fortresses, will withstand as many sieges and hostilities as Chembalo. Genoese and representatives of the Ottoman Empire, as well as the French and the British have been here, but nothing destroys like time.
Of course, the surviving outlines of the donjons still give an idea of ​​the organization of the fortress city, and, having arrived here, it is simply necessary to take away the symbol of Balaklava - Chembalo, at least in the photograph. Therefore, when going on vacation, taking child car seats and other luggage, do not forget about the camera.

In fact, a small bay Balaklava attracts tourists with an unknown magnet. Either its curved shores, or countless stalls with souvenirs and trinkets, including Bratz dolls on the Nazukin embankment, or maybe the submarine plant-museum attracts tourists so much, but the number of people wishing to visit Balaklava does not decrease, but only grows a year from year.

It should be noted that the above-mentioned museum really deserves special attention of the guests of the city. You can get to it by going around the bay, and before the gaze of the travelers appear piles of concrete, which, according to the guide, can withstand a direct hit from a hundred-kiloton nuclear bomb. The museum exposition will also interest a tourist who is ignorant of underwater navigation. In addition to the docks, diving equipment and evidence of the former glorious functioning of the plant, the facts of the Cold War period, which are skillfully operated by the guide, will also attract the attention of visitors..

In addition to the above sights, there is something else in Balaklava that makes you come back here more than once. Maybe these are the ruins of Cembalo, or maybe the mysterious geography of the bay itself, but having seen all this once, you will not forget this amazing city.