Bang Makham Beach is a beach you just need to drive along

Bang Makham is a beach that doesn't exist. Incomplete three kilometers of coastline, where there is only one section less than one hundred meters long, which can be called a beach in the full sense of the word.

A lonely beach located opposite the only resort on Bang Makham - Baan bai fern . It is available at both high tide and low tide, unlike the rest of the beach, which only appears at low tide..

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Beach description

The sand is very fine, sticky, like semolina, only yellowish in color. It is not immediately possible to shake off such sand from palms and clothes, so you need to be more careful with photographic equipment on the beach. And you also need to look under your feet, because stones and debris on Bang Macham - the devil will break your leg..

There are boards, plastic, and styrofoam with bottles. There are no hotels on this beach due to the fact that the Ring Road of Koh Samui runs right next to the water, along the entire length of Bang Makham: from the turn at the bungalow «Met Sai» before Nathon.

The coast is the residence of fishermen, simple and unpretentious people who do not bother themselves with the period of complete decomposition of plastic and progressive global warming. Bang Macham is one of the dirtiest beaches on Koh Samui. And one of the most deserted beaches.

In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Koh Samui, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Entering the water, depth and waves

The ebb tide changes Bang Mcham's appearance as a make-up woman. Before the sea crawls a couple of kilometers into the distance, exposing boulders, stones, debris and marine fauna - the beach looks almost fabulous, especially if the sun is already high and fries the water in direct rays.

The rays reflect off the white sand at the bottom and illuminate the bottom with fantastic colors. This is the only beach on Koh Samui where you can see the striped sea.

After low tide, the landscape becomes more prosaic, and fishermen come ashore, who begin to poke around in the muddy bottom in search of mollusks. Be that as it may, Bang Makham is a good beach for families with children, for whom you don't have to worry too much that they will climb into the depths. They simply will not reach her. If it weren't for garbage, silt and stones, the beach would be ideal for kids.

Due to the shallow water, there are no strong waves on the beach, except for the season of storms and strong winds..

Sun beds and shade

At high tide, the sea comes close to the Ring Road, breaking against a stone-wire fence, which prevents the road from being washed out. There are no beach chairs on Bang Macham, unfortunately, they just have nowhere to stand.

Sources of shade grow on the side of the road, so they are of no value as a shelter for vacationers by the water.

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Despite the lack of space for building a hotel between the road and the sea, there are many cafes and restaurants of European and Thai cuisine along Bang Makham. You won't stay hungry and unwashed. There are several mini markets, tayshops, laundries and furniture workshops. If that weren't enough, a five minute motorbike ride has all the amenities and services of Nathon..

Houses and hotels on the beach

The only resort on the beach itself is Baan Bai Fern. All other accommodations - hotels, villas and houses for rent - are located on the other side of the ring road. The building is quite dense to a depth of 600 meters along the entire beach.

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For the lazy, here is a direct link to the only resort on the beach, this is Baan bai fern .

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How to find the beach

There is no need to look for Bang Macham, it is a beach along which it is pleasant to ride with the breeze, admiring the sea horizon, the color of the water or the sunset. It starts right after leaving Nathon and can be seen from the road.

Along the side of the road, for connoisseurs of beauty, several spots have been made for parking, where you can slow down without interfering with the main traffic and take a couple of pictures. Or go down to the sea and snap a photo shoot in the Maldivian scenery.

Beach Map

One of the spots on the side of the road with a convenient descent to the water is indicated by a marker on the map:

Bang Makam Beach Map

Bang Makam Beach Map: