The best hotels in Pattaya by price and reviews - my selection

Pattaya is a very popular destination among Russians, but different people go there for different things. There is no one universal hotel that would satisfy all needs in nature, so you have to choose what you need: the best hotel for families with children, a good and inexpensive hotel in the city center where nightlife is in full swing, a hotel in the north, close to a nice beach, luxury 5-star hotel or located in Jomtien, away from the hustle and bustle.

In Pattaya, there are hotels popular with Russians near the city center, for example, Cozy Beach or Center, and there are located outside the city, such as the Ambassador. With its completely private beach, there are not so many hotels in Pattaya: a couple in the north of the city, at Cape Pratumnak and a few to the south, where there are long deserted beaches, some of which can only be reached through the hotel.

If you go to Pattaya for a beach vacation, the main thing is to choose a beach successfully, with them in Pattaya it is not so simple, in the very center they are dirty. To determine, see my article - Pattaya beaches overview. Pattaya is well located for sightseeing. From it there are many excursions in the surrounding area. But in the city itself there are sights, I write about them in the article - What to see in Pattaya.

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My rating of hotels in Pattaya

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By dee @ jomtien

The best hotels in Pattaya by price and reviews - my selection

Room rate per day: from 1200 baht

By dee @ jomtien is a 3 star hotel in Jomtien, inexpensive and new. The hotel rooms are large and spacious, with a good modern design, and everything is clean. The rooms have toiletries, towels, etc. There is free tea, coffee, water at any time of the day. Review staff attentive and pleasant.

The location of the hotel is very convenient: close to the beach, shops and the market, there are many cafes, bars and restaurants around, near a road with frequent public transport. You can easily go to the city center and to the other end of Jomtien. The hotel is small and cozy, perfect for a couple.

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Jomtien Beach Residence

The best hotels in Pattaya by price and reviews - my selection

Room rate per day: from 1200 baht

Jomtien Beach Residence is a small and inexpensive guesthouse in Jomtien. The rooms are clean, spacious, with an equipped kitchenette and a separate bedroom. On the territory there is a small but clean swimming pool and a gym. The hotel is located next to the sea, a couple of minutes walk, on a quiet street.

There are many cafes and restaurants nearby, 7/11, a pharmacy, a night market, along the road along the beach there is often public transport, which can take you to the city center. The rooms offer views of the sea and the surrounding area. In general, the location of the hotel is favorable in terms of price, quality, with an excellent location, reviews of the hotel are very good, the staff are diligent and friendly, not noisy in the evenings. There are usually few Russians in the hotel.

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W14 Pattaya

The best hotels in Pattaya by price and reviews - my selection

Room rate per day: from 1,700 baht

W14 Pattaya is a small 3 star hotel located right in the heart of Pattaya nightlife, one step away from the famous Volkin Street. At the same time, the hotel is not noisy at night. The interiors of the hotel are stylish and new. The rooms are clean, well appointed and have everything you need for comfort. There is a cafe downstairs where you can sit. The staff are friendly. This is perhaps the best thing to be found in the epicenter of Pattaya life. Reviews of the hotel are very good, but Russians rarely stay here. A very convenient and comfortable option for lovers of parties and youth recreation.

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Atlantis Condo & Water Park Pattaya By the Sea

The best hotels in Pattaya by price and reviews - my selection

Room rate per day: from 1,700 baht

Atlantis Condo & Water Park Pattaya By the Sea is a brand new condo hotel in the Jomtien area, yet inexpensive. A very good option for families with children. However, Atlantis is suitable for almost everyone. It is located within walking distance from the sea, in a quiet place, while everything you need (bars, cafes, shops, market, laundry, etc.) is within walking distance.

It is easy to get away to almost anywhere in the city by public transport or taxi. The interiors in the hotel apartments are made in light blue and white colors, all furniture and appliances are new, stylish interior design. The equipment is also excellent: the kitchen has everything you need for cooking, a large TV, a comfortable bed, wardrobes, etc..

The zest of the condominium is a green courtyard with plush pools, where there are water slides, waterfalls and even a large pirate ship. Children will surely like it very much..

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Birds & Bees Resort

The best hotels in Pattaya by price and reviews - my selection

Room rate per day: from 2300 baht

Birds & Bees Resort is a 3 star resort, quiet and cozy. With a good private beach, a large and very green area, a swimming pool and a small water park, a playground (swing and trampoline), an excellent restaurant. Perfect for families with children, family vacations, romantic getaways. For nature lovers, this is perhaps the best hotel in Pattaya - there is a lawn with rabbits, aviaries with birds, flowers and tropical thickets with paths and carps in ponds on the territory. The hotel is not very large, accommodation in small buildings scattered throughout the territory, the rooms offer a beautiful view of the sea and greenery.

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Lumpini Park Beach Jomtien

The best hotels in Pattaya by price and reviews - my selection

Room rate per day: from 2500 baht

Lumpini Park Beach Jomtien is a brand new multi-storey condo hotel, one of the best, if not the best in Jomtien, located in a far and quiet part of it. The territory has excellent infrastructure: there is a sauna, a gym, a children's room and a playground, two spacious swimming pools, parking, many pleasant corners in the shade of trees where you can read or just relax in silence.

There are good cafes and restaurants near the condominium grounds, a 7-11 store and fruit stalls. It is very easy to go to the city center and around Jomtien: the exit from the territory is just on the road along the beach, along which public transport often runs and it is easy to catch a taxi. That is, the location is excellent both for families with children and for those who want a quieter place, but at the same time they are not going to sit only in the hotel..

The condominium has a one-bedroom apartment with a kitchen, which is more spacious than the usual hotel rooms. Since the complex is new, all furnishings and equipment are modern. For two and for a family with children, this is a very good option..

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Royal Cliff Beach Hotel

The best hotels in Pattaya by price and reviews - my selection

Room rate per day: from 3500 baht

Royal Cliff Beach Hotel is a huge 5-star hotel, on the seashore, with a large territory, swimming pools and beautiful views from the windows, located among the greenery, far from the noise of the city. For families with children, it is perfect. Reviews of the hotel are numerous and good, it is a popular destination. The biggest disadvantage of the hotel stems from its advantages: it is not very easy to get from it to the city center and back..

You can walk to public transport for about 10 minutes, but the easiest way is to call a taxi or rent a car / scooter. Advantages of the hotel: excellent staff (as in most cases in Thailand), a huge well-groomed and green area without strangers, security, thorough cleaning, spacious rooms, everywhere on the territory there is wi-fi, nice cafes, its own nice beach, with clean ( for Pattaya) sand and sea, sun loungers.

If you walk a few minutes towards the Cozy Beach hotel, you can go to a small area with cafes, restaurants and other infrastructure, where there is everything a tourist needs. The hotel also has a Russian-speaking consultant.

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Dusit Thani Pattaya

The best hotels in Pattaya by price and reviews - my selection

Room rate per day: from 3700 baht

Dusit Thani Pattaya is a good 5 star hotel in the center of Pattaya. It is located very well - on the one hand, everything is within walking distance, near public transport, the embankment, the city center, etc., on the other hand, the hotel stands on the border of the center of Pattaya and its northern region, a little apart.

That is, it is quiet around, there are no strangers and the sea is cleaner than next to the ferry docks at the other end of the central Pattaya beach. The hotel has a large territory, beautiful spacious pools, excellent sea views, a secluded private beach, a good cafe. There is also a gymnasium, tennis courts and a spa. The hotel staff are pleasant and friendly. Suitable for those who want to enjoy the advantages of the city, while avoiding its disadvantages.

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Cape Dara Resort

The best hotels in Pattaya by price and reviews - my selection

Room rate per day: from 4200 baht

Cape Dara Resort is a very conveniently located, modern 5 star hotel. Located between the northern area of ​​Naklua and the center of Pattaya, in a quiet location. The hotel's own beach is not crowded, cleaned, with good comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas. Nearby is not only the center, but also Naklua with numerous cafes, restaurants, a fish market and good beaches, as well as a road along which public transport goes to the center..

The hotel has a very pleasant green area, good service, excellent views from the rooms to the sea and the center of Pattaya. Moreover, the bathroom is with panoramic glazing. Rooms are spacious, stylish and equipped with everything you need. The hotel has 2 swimming pools, good breakfasts, a Russian-speaking employee, a free shuttle to the Dolphins Monument in a roundabout (the crossroads of the main roads of the area), good Wi-Fi throughout.

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Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya

The best hotels in Pattaya by price and reviews - my selection

Room rate per day: from 4500 baht

Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya - a large themed hotel in the heart of Pattaya, 4 stars. The interiors of the hotel are made in a rock theme. The location of the hotel is convenient for those who want to actively participate in the life of the resort: near the embankment, main shopping centers and large shopping malls, discos, bars, the famous Volkin Street, ferries to Koh Lan, etc..

The hotel rooms are spacious, with everything you need (including bath accessories, bathrobe, slippers, etc.), food, swimming pool - guests have good reviews about everything. The hotel staff are friendly and always ready to help; there is a Russian-speaking employee.

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