What to see in Pattaya on your own - my list

Despite the fact that Pattaya is a relatively young city, where there are no ancient monuments of history and architecture, there is something to see here. Thanks to the tireless imagination of the Thais and the lush tropical nature, there are currently a lot of interesting places to visit in Pattaya and the surrounding area, where there is something to do. Amazing parks and temples, breathtaking rides and colorful shows, a rich marine and animal world - all this can be seen both in Pattaya itself and in its surroundings.

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Russian-language excursions

You can buy an excursion either from your hotel guide (but it is always more expensive), if you are on a tour, or choose on your own in one of the street travel agencies.

Constantly asked for advice from a trusted local agency that I used myself. I advise: Alpha Travel. A wide range of excursions, including in Russian. It is convenient that you can write to them through the messenger and place an order directly on the website.

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If you are not friends with left-hand traffic and driving a bike, then it is better to take a guided tour. For an entrance ticket and a taxi, you will still pay more in total than for a tour.

Of course, some interesting places can be reached by public transport, but entrance tickets with a guided tour will be cheaper than a ticket at the box office. Local agencies use discounts when purchasing tickets for the tour.

What to see in Pattaya

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

One of the most beautiful places in Pattaya, the largest botanical garden in the region with a huge territory and the largest private collection of plants in the world. In addition to gardens with many species of orchids, cacti, bonsai trees, palms and ferns, there is a copy of Versailles Park, a collection of copies of Buddhist stupas from different provinces of Thailand, a copy of Stonehenge, as well as gardens of butterflies and birds, a small zoo, a pond and even a collection of sports cars.

In addition to plants on the territory of Nong Nooch, you can see a thematic show dedicated to Thai culture and an elephant show, which is recognized as one of the best in the country. In the evening, the gardens are illuminated, making a walk in Nong Nooch even more romantic.. More about the park.

Nong Nooch Park

Nong Nooch Park

Boat trip on paradise tropical islands

Beaches with white sand and azure waters, just like the Bounty advertisements, start just 15 minutes from Pattaya by speedboat. The closest island to Pattaya is Koh Lan. True, there are a lot of tourists on it. If you want truly uninhabited, deserted beaches, not spoiled by the presence of crowds of tourists, you need to drive a little more.

Phai, Luam, Croc, Sak, Rin, Manvichai, Kram, Pet, Talu and Tau Noi and, of course, Samet - there are really a lot of islands around Pattaya, as well as various tours offered by Pattaya travel agencies. You can choose to tour on a large double-deck ship or by speedboat, catamaran or yacht.

The program can also be different and usually includes not only a beach holiday and lunch, but also snorkeling, fishing and other activities related to the sea. Only vivid impressions and positive emotions from visiting the paradise islands with their beautiful tropical nature remain unchanged..

What to see in Pattaya on your own - my list

Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park

New huge water park is located 20 minutes from Pattaya. This is a themed water park of the Cartoon Network studio, featuring characters and heroes from television shows and cartoons. The water park has 9 entertainment areas, wave pools, high-speed water slides, and a surfing area. In addition to water activities, various entertainment shows with the participation of cartoon characters are provided for children in the park..

Khao Kheo petting zoo

This is not an ordinary zoo, in Khao Kheow, most of the animals are either behind a small fence or walk right on the lawns. They can be touched, ironed and fed. Khao Kheow is the largest contact zoo in Thailand, located 40 minutes from Pattaya, on 800 hectares of land that is occupied by jungle, pastures and water bodies. There are many species of animals, including rare ones. Since the territory is very large, visitors move between the zones of the zoo by electric cars.. More about the zoo.

What to see in Pattaya on your own - my list

Elephant village and elephant trekking

The elephant village is not only a place where you can ride on elephants, feed and watch a show with them, it is also a nature reserve where sick and wounded elephants are treated. In the village, you can also hear what care the elephants need, how they are trained and taught to play musical instruments, play a ball and draw. Elephant trekking in the jungle takes place several times a day, lasting from 1 hour to 3 hours and also includes rafting, a visit to the waterfall, an elephant riding workshop and lunch. And, of course, everyone can take pictures with elephants..

Jump from the tower Pattaya Park

The attraction on the 56th floor of the tower above the Pattaya Park water park is, above all, an unforgettable experience and emotions. A thick cable descends from the tower, along which both cabins and simply devices with carbines travel. A winding is put on a person, which is attached to a cable, brought to the edge of the roof and pushed in the back. It sounds scary, but in fact, the descent is smooth, so everyone is usually happy with the attraction. So the most difficult thing is to stand in the jump queue in full gear.. More about the tower.

Double bassinet

Double bassinet

Tiffany Shaw

This is one of the world's best shows and the most famous drag queen cabaret. And the very first show of this kind in Southeast Asia, it has existed since 1974. Cabaret shows are very bright and colorful, in part it looks like a carnival or a circus or a variety show. The hall where the shows are held is well equipped, the scenery is impressive.

The show consists of four parts: a story about the history of the Kingdom of Siam, about the Chinese emperor, a story based on an American musical «Funny girl» and a show program to music. Among other things, a Russian song is performed on the show «Katyusha» and compositions of some Russian pop stars. Photo and video filming during the performance is prohibited, but after that you can take pictures with any of the artists for an additional fee. It's worth seeing at least once.

Temple complex Wat Yan

The Wat Yan complex is located about 15 km from Pattaya, on the shore of a pond. One of its attractions is the Viharna Sien Chinese Temple and Museum, dedicated to Thai-Chinese friendship and the interpenetration of their cultures. In addition to Wat Yan itself, you can see many pavilions for meditation by the lake, and on the hill there is a stupa with the imprint of the Buddha's foot. 300 steps lead to the stupa, and a beautiful and peaceful view of the surroundings opens up from above. More about the complex.

Wat Yan or Wat Yansangwararam

Wat Yan or Wat Yansangwararam

Mountain of the Golden Buddha

Mount Khao Chi Chan or Mount Golden Buddha is another attraction and shrine not far from the complex. The image of the Buddha was laid out in the rock for the 50th anniversary of the reign of the current king of Thailand by the order of his children. The mountain is surrounded by a park and guarded by the military. Not far from Wat Yan there is a purely tourist attraction, the so-called Karen Long-necked Women's Village. Historically, the people of this tribe live in the north of Thailand.. More about Buddha Mountain.

View of the mountain from the entrance

View of the mountain from the entrance

Silverlake vineyards

In addition, there is another interesting place for walking nearby - Silver Lake. These are private vineyards by the lake, where you can not only breathe fresh air and admire the views, but also taste local grapes, juice and wine. All of the above places can be visited in one day, by themselves they add up to a nice suburban walk. More about vineyards.

What to see in Pattaya on your own - my list

Tiger zoo

Tiger Park is located in Pattaya itself. It opened recently, but has already become popular, as many people want to take a selfie with a large «a cat». The creators of the park assure that the tigers are not drugged, but simply trained and live with humans since childhood. Moreover, you can see the tigers in the enclosures for free. But go inside to them, stroke them, already for money. More about the zoo.

Mini Siam

The park is filled with replicas of both Siamese and world architectural monuments. Each model has a sign with a detailed description of the building. The part where the models of Thai landmarks are located was created about 20 years ago. Models of world landmarks are larger and were created much later..

Among them there are also Russian monuments: St. Basil's Cathedral and the monument on Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd. In the Siamese part, you can see the temples of Thailand, Burma, Laos and Cambodia, including the famous Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat. It is interesting to walk in the park both during the day and in the evening, when the lights turn on, making miniature models of historical buildings and temples even more interesting.. More about the attraction.

What to see in Pattaya on your own - my list

Temple of Truth

Temple of Truth (The Sanctuary of Truth) - owned by a Thai millionaire and philanthropist, more than a hundred-meter wooden structure, richly decorated with handmade wooden sculptures. Construction began in 1981 and is still ongoing. The temple is announced as a completely wooden building in the style of ancient Khmer architecture, built without a single nail, and has four groups representing images related to Buddhism and Hinduism.

In addition to the temple itself, on a large territory of the complex, you can watch a show with folk dances, battles and a puppet show, which is held twice a day. You can also ride elephants and horses, feed the animals in the mini-zoo and relax in the cafe by the pond.

Temple of Truth in Pattaya

Temple of Truth in Pattaya

Alangkarn theater, history show

The show introduces the centuries-old history of the Kingdom of Siam, its culture, traditions and art. The territory of the theater is located outside the city, but not far from Pattaya, in addition to the main building, there are small shops, paths and greenery, and an hour before the performance, spectators are invited to a buffet dinner. The show takes place on a huge stage with rich and colorful decorations.

Elephants act out scenes from the Thai epic, actors perform acrobatic acts and stunts. The show also features fireworks and a laser show. A spectacular show with beautiful costumes and Thai folk music. After the show, you can take pictures with artists and elephants.

Ripley Museum «Believe it or not»

The Ripley Museum in Pattaya is located in the Royal Garden Plaza in the city center. The unusual place is hinted at by the tail of a red plane sticking out of the building. Besides the museum «Believe it or not», where all sorts of curiosities and oddities are collected, like in the Kunstkamera. Here you can see a vest knitted from human hair, a huge replica of the Titanic made of matches and other wonders..

There are several other attractions in the complex: an endless mirror maze, a fear room, a 4D cinema with moving chairs, and a wax museum. The founder of this unusual museum is Robert Ripley, an American traveler and collector of everything weird and wonderful. The Ripley Museum in Pattaya consists of ten rooms, each of which is dedicated to a specific theme..

Theme park «Three kingdoms» Three kingdoms theme park

«Three kingdoms» - a quiet and perfect for walking architectural and park complex outside the city, built by a Chinese-Thai businessman. The park was created based on a Chinese literary work «Three kingdoms», which is one of the four classical Chinese novels and tells about the events of the II-III centuries, when the Celestial Empire split into three states: Wei, Shu and Wu.

The park has a relatively small area, about 6 hectares, and was designed according to the laws of Feng Shui. This is probably why it is so nice to walk in the park.. More about the park.

Three Kingdoms Park

Three Kingdoms Park

3D Museum in Pattaya - Art in Paradise

A good place for those who like to be photographed. Using optical illusions and effects, the artists created paintings on the walls of the museum halls with the effect of three-dimensional space, into which anyone can fit. The area of ​​the museum is very impressive, about 5800 square meters; in each of the many rooms, images and stories on a specific topic are presented.

Marine life, animals, classic paintings, one of the heroes of which anyone can become. An interesting and funny place where visitors take hundreds of photos and enjoy like children. More about the museum.

What to see in Pattaya on your own - my list

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