Daria with Egor to China, and I am in Sochi

He sent his own people to China, and he himself returned to an empty apartment. So funny, it seemed like I was waiting that now, at last, in peace and quiet I will work and rest a little after all our whirlwind of the last months, but in fact it is sad. I look at the highchair, on which no one smears food, at the small clothes that I put in the drawers, putting things in order, and now it’s so sad and sad that I don’t want to work 🙂 Either I’m getting old and becoming sentimental, or just you get used to the movement, to a constant sound background (albeit unpleasant), and without them it is already difficult.

Once again, many thanks to everyone who took part in our business and had a hand in this trip, someone with money, someone with support.!

Our plan

The plan was simple - fly to China for 3 months somewhere in February. Moreover, preferably early, before winter is over, because in summer, on the contrary, it is preferable to be in Moscow. So, we spent most of the winter here. But we got together for a very long time, while we went to the doctors, took tests, doubted whether to go or not, the embassy went on vacation, which is why the visa was made for a week and a half. I bought plane tickets the day before departure. As a result, we decided that they were going without me, and I was catching up with them in a month, having finished things. Here are our thoughts-plans:

  • Daria needs an independent trip to test her strength. And I also want to go like this once. Yegor just grew up, and I think he can live without his mother for some time. So next time it's my turn.
  • To be honest, 24 hours a day together is a trash, especially if the main part of this time is not some pleasant travel there, but the most ordinary endless life. It seems that the reason for many of our «grater» precisely in being too much with each other. About it we wrote even.
  • I will need to collect documents on Egorov's cases and go through the authorities, did not have time to do this, there was no time.
  • Go for a consultation with a geneticist, still finish off our diagnosis.
  • In addition to other less important things that I put off (I have just made a list of 25), I also want to go to Sochi and Serbia. In Sochi for the soul, it has long been a dream to visit there in the winter, and to Serbia on business, to look at it about the subject of moving, it is worth considering it at all or not.

Accordingly, I hope that I will redo everything here in a month and also leave for China. By the way, I bought my tickets for a direct flight (26 thousand rubles per adult, flies once a week), and I myself will fly with transfers (19 thousand), save a little. We did not take return tickets, because only after 2-3 weeks it will be clear whether rehabilitation is like us or not, well, along the way we will see when to return. I hope that everything will be fine, otherwise there will be no need for me to fly to China, but I would like to, because I have never been there. A different world at all, even if the island of Hainan is considered a resort and everything is not quite the same as in the center of the country..

How did you fly

Daria and Yegor were lucky, the plane was 2/3 full, and they gave another seat at the check-in counter. As a result, they flew together in 3 places and even managed to get some sleep. Also, the escort is a very cool thing, we tried it back in Poland, and now we asked for it at Domodedovo. They are escorted everywhere without queues, the child can be taken in a wheelchair, and they are taken to the plane in a separate car if there is no sleeve. It's very convenient for mom. In China, they were greeted in the same way. Well, then there was a transfer to the clinic.





First night in new housing, plays with mangoes

First night in new housing, plays with mangoes



A camping pot, a handy thing!

Camping pot, handy piece!

Most importantly, upon arrival, I received several enthusiastic SMS, which meant that everything was in order, and Daria liked everything. And then we talked on the phone for 40 minutes, she was simply overwhelmed with emotions 🙂 She was great, she coped, although she was afraid!

Have landed! If Yegor hadn't crap twice, smearing himself and me in this, then otherwise he was just a perfect child. I passed out at 9 with a penny, slept badly, woke up a lot, but did not scream and immediately agreed to go back to bed. Three personal places and TWO carry-on luggage - just a fairy tale! We both slept lying (I mostly on bags :)) sleepy but happy we are waiting for escort.

Durians !!!! and gooooooo !!!! As in the Caucasus! Damn, so many emotions, I'll say all the money :)) This is Tai! !! Temperature 28-30 gr. And I prepared a jacket! :))) Everything is green, the sun shines, palm trees! We go with a transfer to the clinic.



First night in new housing, plays with mangoes

First night in new housing, plays with mangoes

They already more or less came to their senses, slept, although Yegor still confuses day and night because of the flight and the 5-hour difference, but at least there is no trash that was a year and a half ago, when we arrived in Bangkok and 5 days came to their senses. Horror, as I remember. But the boy has matured, now it has become easier to ride with him (by the way, we eventually taught him to the car seat too).

Of the obvious disadvantages, they do not have a kitchen (but Daria took a multicooker with her), Facebook does not work (she can not write there in messages, she will not be able to answer), Skype and Gmail. But in general, this is all nonsense, and I will soar more when I work there. Apparently you will need to buy a VPN.

P.S. Here is our good news 🙂 The rest about their accommodation and treatment will be posted on Yegor's blog, as it has an indirect relationship to travel. Who cares, subscribe to it.