The competition ends: we vote and choose a hat!

A week has passed, or even a little more. But it's never too late to choose a hat! The works turned out to be different, the works turned out to be interesting, some even completely unexpected. Guys, thank you very much for your participation.!

I perfectly understand that there is a problem with our photographs, so please do not judge the participants harshly. I wrote about this at the very beginning that, ideally, we would need to make a good photo session, otherwise we have almost no photo where the three of us are. We will make sure, in a year, just for the next template, and we will arrange a competition again 🙂 And now I very much ask all readers to participate in the voting, you just need to click on one button.

The content of the article

How to vote

We will vote for 4 days from the date of this post. I will not express my opinion, so as not to distort the results of the vote, especially since I myself am interested in what will come of it.

The hats will go under the numbers (each participant is one number), and you will need to choose one of them. There is also an option «abstained», but it does not affect the issuance of the prize, that is, participants in any case will receive what is due according to the price list.

Some participants suggested several caps, in which case you need to vote for the participant, and not for his specific version.

There may be minor flaws in the screenshots, I forgive you not to pay attention to this. Any indents and so on can be adjusted later, and this does not affect the concept of the header at all.

Clicking on the picture opens a large image.

Hat 1


Hat 2


Another option.


Hat 3


Hat 4


Hat 5


Hat 6


Hat 7


Variants with different colors.


Hat 8


Hat 9




P.S. If someone has any thoughts, then you can share them in the comments, I will only be glad.