Films to think about - our list

Once I already laid out a list of films about deaf people. At one time it was very important for us to learn a little about their world in an accessible and pleasant form, and try to accept our situation. Then I was asked what films we could recommend watching from those that make you think. In general, this is all a matter of taste, and everyone has different preferences, so I do not at all insist that our list of films must be watched. Moreover, our views are changing, that we want to revise today, not the fact that we want to watch tomorrow.

Films worth pondering

Films worth pondering


  • My name is Khan - very touching, we cried.
  • The tail wags the dog - about how the state controls the masses. Well, or not the state, but the powers that be.
  • Pay someone else - an interesting principle for life.
  • The secret is not artistic, and you should not take it, it seems to me, too literal, otherwise it will turn out very one-sided.
  • Route 60 - reviewed many times, fairly easy and has something to think about.
  • August Rush is just a good film about belief in something.
  • Man from Earth 2007
  • 99 francs - about the modern world and success.
  • Beautiful Green - for some reason forbidden to show. The film is actually not for an amateur, as it is too pretentious parody. Nevertheless, once Daria and our group of friends took up his non-professional voice acting. True, on the forums then everyone began to throw mud at this translation, although in fact we did it for ourselves, considered it purely amateur, and did not even upload it to torrents.
  • Gandhi is a 1982 film, autobiographical. I was very impressed by the story of this man, but then I also read a book about his biography. The film is much simpler and contains very few details of his life..
  • The Butterfly Effect is an old film and seemingly artistic, but it makes sense.
  • I am Sam - a very good film about not like everyone else.
  • 4 feathers - about the formation of personality.
  • Mister Destiny is an old film about the fact that our current destiny is the best option for us.
  • In Time - you think that we do not value our time, but it may well be in the future that you will have to pay even for time.
  • Equilibrium
  • Collision is not all that appears to be good or bad in fact. Strikingly simple.

P.S. Then maybe I'll add more, now I just remembered it. And you can add in the comments which films made you think, we will make an extensive list. And then we will read this post and choose what else to see so good, otherwise something so much slag has become one-day ...