Gasoline prices in Thailand 2018 and fuel types (gasoline and gasohol)

Here I compared the prices for gasoline in Thailand in different years and at the same time immediately decided to write a post about the types of fuel themselves. Because I remember my first visit to a Thai gas station and being lost because it was not clear what to fill my bike (and then my car) with. But once you figure it out, everything becomes not difficult at all.

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Gasoline prices in Thailand

Be sure to read my post about renting a car in Thailand - here's a link. I told about all the nuances, where to shoot, what insurance to make, what deposit, etc..

Petrol prices (updated November 2018) differ slightly depending on the resort. Cheaper in Pattaya, more expensive in Phuket or Samui. But if you are going on vacation for a couple of weeks, then it doesn't matter. Below is the price tag for Koh Samui and Pattaya, the photos were taken on the same day. You can focus on these prices.

Gasoline prices in Thailand

Gasoline prices in Thailand

Network filling stations

I also recommend refueling at chain PTT gas stations, there is always a lot of parking space, there is a toilet, a 7-eleven, an Amazon cafe with good coffee and sometimes even a food court with Thai food and fruit makers. Well, and I just on her example, told below what types of fuel are.

Gas stations in Thailand always have 7/11

Chain filling stations in Thailand always have 7/11

Chain gas stations have an Amazon coffee shop

Chain gas stations have an Amazon coffee shop

The larger ones also have a Thai food court.

The larger ones also have a Thai food court.

Popular network refueling in Thailand - PTT

Popular PTT network refueling station in Thailand - stella seen from afar

Types of gasoline in Thailand

There are several types of fuels in Thailand. There is not only gasoline (it is called Gasoline), but also gasohol - gasoline mixed with ethanol alcohol. Gasohol are indicated in two ways: with the letter «E» (stands for Ethanol) or with the number 91-95, which is exactly what confuses, since the number 91 also denotes ordinary gasoline. The only difference is in the color of the background on which this number is written. Moreover, 91st, in fact, there are already 3 pieces.

The number near the letter «E» means the percentage of alcohol in pure gasoline. The more gasoline in the gas-hollow, the more expensive it is and the lower the consumption of the car. The usual 91st gasoline without alcohol is no longer found. All cars and bikes in Thailand digest the E10, and the E20 is for cars of the last decade. E85 is only for very modern cars. But do not be alarmed, usually it is always written near the gas tank hatch of a car or a bike what fuel can be poured, you can poke the Thais at these inscriptions. Unfortunately, the designations are slightly different from the refueling, I explain with the example of PTT.

  • gasohol E20 (light green background), 91st gasoline + 20% alcohol.
  • gazohol 91 (green background), less often E10 (green background), 91st gasoline + 10% alcohol.
  • gasohol 95 (orange background), 95th gasoline + 10% alcohol
  • gasohol E85 (lilac background) 85% alcohol.
  • gas NGV (blue background). There are also refueling stations with LPG gas..
  • diesel (Thai letters on a blue background).
  • improved diesel (Thai letters on a gray background).

I always fill my rented car or bike with E20 or 91 on a green background (E10), the flight is normal. Therefore, by and large, you only need to remember these numbers. Neither gas, nor diesel, nor E85 will most likely be useful to you. Just in case, I'll write even below how ordinary gasoline is indicated..

  • gasoline 91 (red background), regular gasoline 91 (no longer found).
  • gasoline 95 (Thai letters on a yellow background), regular 95th gasoline.
What kind of gasoline is in Thailand

What kind of gasoline is in Thailand

It is written on the tank hatch which gasoline can be filled

It is always written on the tank hatch which gasoline can be filled