Bali visa for Russians

Now Russians do not need a visa to visit Bali. But visa is different. So, if you want to go to Bali on your vacation, which usually does not exceed one month, then it will be enough for you to get a free visa upon arrival. If you plan to stay there for a longer time, then there are subtleties here, which will be discussed below..

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Bali visa for Russians on arrival (Visa on Arrival)

The visa regime has been canceled from 12.06.2015. Now, citizens of the Russian Federation, directly passing through border control, can receive a free visa upon arrival (in fact, a stamp, not a visa), which gives the right to stay in Indonesia for 30 days.

This is a tourist option, designed for a stay in Indonesia, in total, for a period of no more than two months. The cost of a visa to Bali is free, and it is issued immediately at the airport - upon arrival. You will be asked to fill out the appropriate form, which is important to keep until the end of your stay here..

Visa on arrival is issued for 30 days. If desired, it can be extended for another 30 days. It will cost you $ 30 (if you are doing the renewal yourself) or $ 50 (if we are going to renew the travel agency).

Documents required for renewal
- Of course, a passport with a visa and a copy of it
- The questionnaire discussed above
- Return ticket

Visa extension procedure
1. 7 days before the expiration of the visa, you must contact the Indonesian Immigration Service and apply for its extension.
Documents are accepted from 8.30 am to noon, i.e. until 12 noon.
Having received the necessary documents from you, the employees of the Service will give you a receipt in return, which will indicate that the documents have been accepted and the time when you can come to pay for the visa..
2. On the agreed date and time, you come back to the immigration department, give the receipt to the same place where the documents were submitted and you will be given a check, which must be paid immediately at the cash desk. After receiving a payment receipt from you, you will be given another document, which will indicate the date and time when to come for a passport.
3. Ready documents are issued on the agreed day from 13 to 15.00.

Indonesia Immigration Bali Address
Jalan DI Panjaitan, Denpasar, Indonesia
+62 361 227828 ?
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Jl Raya I Gusti Ngurah Rai. Tuban. Denpasar 80361 Bali, Tlp 0361-751038 Fax 0361-757011, Indonesia
+62 361 751038 ?
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Numerous travel agencies can also perform this entire procedure for you, but for an appropriate fee, which can cost you from $ 50 to $ 70.

How to live long in Bali on a regular Indonesian visa on arrival

It is possible not to apply for a social visa, but to usually live on a visa upon arrival. The scheme of stay is simple: obtaining a visa at the airport, then a one-time extension, leaving the country, entering back, obtaining a visa on arrival, one-time extension, etc. The costs in this case will be about $ 500 for six months, since you need to constantly fly somewhere.

The length of stay outside Indonesia, as well as the country of destination, does not matter. You can take one flight and immediately return on the next one. The main thing here is to cross the border.

But it is important to pay attention to the cost of the flight and the need for a visa to visit another country. For example, a flight to the capital of Malaysia will cost about $ 200, but here you do not need to apply for a visa. The flight to Singapore will cost less ($ 150), but on the other hand, you will be given a transit stamp in your passport, for which you need to show a ticket booked to a third country (not Indonesia). By the way, if you are thinking, I recommend buying tickets at and, we use them ourselves..

Social visa to Bali (Social budaya)

If your plans include a longer stay on the island (up to 6 months) and you know that during this period you are not going to leave its territory, then apply for a social visa of Indonesia.
It is only important to know that in this country itself it is impossible to get it! It must be obtained in advance, either in your home country, or in any other state where there is an Indonesian consulate.

A social visa gives you the opportunity to stay in Bali for 6 months in a row, but does not allow you to carry out any kind of labor activity.

Required documents
- The passport
- Return ticket
- An invitation from the person receiving you (in the official language of the immigration service - a letter from the sponsor (Sponsor letter)).

Visa obtaining procedure
You can get a visa in any country where there is a diplomatic mission of Indonesia. To do this, you need to be there yourself and pay a fee of about $ 50. After a certain period, which may vary depending on the country in which you applied (usually no more than 5 days), you get a visa for 2 days! months.

Already in Bali, you can extend this visa four more times, each time for 30 days.
A social visa is a single entry visa. Therefore, if you leave the territory of the country (no matter for what reasons), it will be canceled. To return back to Indonesia, the visa will have to be processed again.

Bali work visa (Kitas)

This is the only visa that gives the right to work in this country..
Its cost can cost you from 2000 to 3000 $ per year. The visa can be made either by your potential employer, or by yourself, if you are a legal entity.

Special agencies can also issue a KITAS visa, but here you need to be sure that the company providing this kind of service is reliable, because jokes with obtaining a work visa are severely punished, up to and including imprisonment.

Bali Visa for Seniors (Kitap)

Issued to persons who have reached the age of 55. A person applying for a KITAP visa must provide a certificate of his health status and confirm the presence of money in a bank account.

Such a visa is first issued for a period of 1 year, then within 5 years it can be renewed each time for 1 year and after 5 years already, a pensioner can apply for a permanent resident of Indonesia.

That's all the information about a visa to Bali for Russians, but I can't say anything about visa processing for Ukrainians, Belarusians and other CIS citizens, it is possible that everything is very similar. - Indonesian Embassy website