How to buy ERV insurance cheaper without a promo code - my life hack

Another life hack that will allow you to buy insurance from ERV 12% cheaper. And then recently they often ask about her, since she is the best for Thailand now. By the way, there are no promo codes, don't be fooled.

Insurance isn't cheap. But! when it comes to health, especially the health of children, this is not the case when you need to save. That is why my life hack will have to be more than ever, by the way.

The content of the article


  • Follow the link to the Instore Travel service.
  • We select the required country and dates. The currency must be dollars, this is important!
  • We see ERV in search results and buy.
  • After the purchase, you will receive a policy from ERV by email.
  • For 3 weeks, a policy to Thailand will cost ~ 5568 rubles instead of ~ 6333 rubles.

    As a result, insurance is 12% cheaper, plus you will also receive a very useful option as a gift «Telemedicine» from Instore, which costs an additional 250-500 rubles.

    Buy 12% cheaper>

    Now I will explain how this happens. The fact is that EPV sells its insurance on its website with the insurance amount in euros, and on Instore you can buy it with the insurance amount in dollars. Since the cost is tied to the currency, and the dollar is cheaper than the euro, here it is profit.

    So no promo codes, just savvy. Do not look for promo codes, they are prohibited from them. Below are screenshots of price comparison.

    ERV cost in dollars on Instore

    ERV cost in dollars on Instore

    ERV cost in euros on the official website

    ERV cost in euros on the official website

    Why this is done at the ERV, I do not know. But while it works, you need to use it. I think it is obvious that it makes no difference whether you have 100 thousand dollars or 100 thousand euros. But the savings on the price of insurance are pleasant..

    Where else to buy

    Through the service Compare.Ru. Perhaps he is better known to you, as he often catches your eye. In addition to travel insurance, they also sell OSAGO / CASCO, and there is also a database of reviews on insurance.

    Buy from Compare>

    The service also allows you to buy insurance in dollars and therefore its price becomes 12% lower. If for some reason you like Compare more, then you can safely take it here. In terms of the policy itself, there is no difference, but there will be no online consultations with Russian doctors, like Instore Travel.

    Lower price for 3 weeks for Thailand is the same as Instore Travel.

    The cost of EPV on Compare in dollars

    The cost of EPV on Compare in dollars

    What is Telemedicine

    In fact, it was high time to make this option for all insurance companies, it can really come in handy when traveling. When you are abroad, there really is not enough consultation of a Russian doctor so that they can explain everything to you in your native language.

    For example, a child has a fever, is it time to go to the hospital or not? Suddenly Dengue began and the urgent need to be put on a dropper, you can still wait so as not to wind it back and forth. You can ask what kind of rash on the skin is, is it dangerous or not. It can be useful to clarify whether the foreign doctor made the right prescriptions, find out why they are, and so on..

    Instore has its own app! It will be more convenient to consult and apply for a referral to the hospital. For calls, of course, the Internet is required, since the application is immediately tied to you and your policy, you will not be asked who you are, what policy you have, etc..

    Install Instore App>

    It is better to always be able to consult than not to. Moreover, not only from a therapist or pediatrician, but also from a narrow specialist such as a nutritionist or dermatologist. Telemedicine is attached free of charge to all ERV insurance and to other insurances worth from 5000 rubles. Otherwise, the option is paid.

    About EPV insurance

    And fresh that I know: an employee of the hospital on Koh Chang recommends doing just this, since there are the least problems with it. Who does not know, some insurance companies simply stupidly send to the mainland in Trat. Although in a serious situation, the ERV will also send, after all, the island is small and the hospitals there are local.

    At one time, one could buy an annual policy from ERV at a ridiculous price. At one time I found this trick, told it on the blog, and then all the other bloggers reposted it after me. After a while, the shop was closed, now there are no such prices, forget it. ERV is now priced like premium insurance. Although not for the price either, the reviews are still the best about her..

    I myself got with this insurance on 1.5 million baht (3 million rubles) A couple of years ago, the insurance company paid for everything, did not pull anywhere, and in general I was satisfied with their work. T-t-t, so that nothing like this happens again, and God forbid you, too, will collide.

    Buy good ERV insurance>

    At such moments, you understand that you cannot save on insurance, you can get so stuck that it will not seem like a little. 1 day in the hospital can cost 15-60 thousand rubles to put a dropper on a child. 1 day in the hospital beats off the entire cost of insurance several times.

    If you look at the groups in social networks, you will see how often they are full of messages, help-save, ended up in the hospital, but did not make insurance. A $ 10,000 bill is common. Tips to score on insurance are good until you hit yourself.