How to make money on a hobby is a kind of general universal scheme

A logical question after reading my previous article about your favorite business. When you analyze the statistics of life and choose your favorite business, the question immediately arises: and then what? Well, I love to embroider with a cross, how is it connected with money? Naturally, I do not have a direct answer to the question, but I am sure that if the goal is not to make millions (this should actually be a separate hobby), then you can try to find options, but for this you need to understand some of the nuances, which will go on speech.

Yes, I'll make a reservation right away, you don't have to make money on a hobby, this is a voluntary matter 🙂 It's just important for some that the process of making money brings at least some pleasure, and not so much for others. And not everyone managed to fall in love with the format of office work and find something suitable for themselves. We are all different, so the option of earning money for a hobby is not the only correct one. The right thing is what suits you personally!

The content of the article

Stringing on a hobby

Indeed, most often you cannot earn money from a hobby. More precisely, it is almost always impossible. But if «string» on a hobby, there are still some things that are just related to earnings, then, in general, it may turn out to be more pleasant than doing something completely unloved and purely for money. What matters is the resulting vector that we get. To make it clearer, I will give my example..

I enjoy writing, traveling and photographing. These actions do not directly bring any money and are done as if for the soul. But if I turn all this into a blog, give structure, adjust travel goals for the good of the case, I also write information that I receive during trips, although I don't really want to write about it, I read about seo, do optimization, study php and finish the site , then in the end we get that out of all my activities I am engaged in a hobby by only 50 percent, or even less (here it’s how anyone can do it). But the pleasure of that 50% overpowers everything. «minuses» and the resulting vector for me is directed exactly to the plus. Moreover, when I worked as an engineer in the office, I didn’t even do my hobby by 10% 🙂 No, I didn’t hate work, on the contrary, I treated it calmly, but I didn’t get any pleasure either, well, only on payday.

Thus, we again return to the fact that at least part of your work should bring you some kind of pleasure, otherwise everything will get bored very quickly. Of course, there is an opinion that any business, if you do it a lot, will sooner or later get bored and turn into a routine. I agree that it happens, but it is not a fact that it always happens with everyone. It seems to me that you can once «donate» hobby and check on your own skin whether you get bored or not 🙂 A hobby for that and a hobby that you can then find another, because usually they change during life, new ones appear and old ones disappear. But it may well be that you organize your activities in such a way that you will not get bored of the hobby at all. Especially if it only takes up a fraction of your work..

The guys make money in Chiang Mai, despite the difficulties!

The guys make money in Chiang Mai, despite the difficulties!

I also wanted to draw attention to such a moment. Nobody bothers, after a while, to delegate the most unpleasant things for you to someone. Well, it’s impossible for you to remake the WordPress template every time to fit your needs, right up to tears and throwing your laptop against the wall, so you need to give this direction to a programmer. And in general, certain areas in their work can be reduced or increased in time, this is just for those who are afraid that there will be too many hobbies in their life..

What to do

What to do, to throw everything and go into the pool with your head to engage in a hobby? I think not worth it, well, only if your enthusiasm is not a wagon initially. At least it is worth doing everything wisely. For example, start doing something in conjunction with the current work. Let it be a little, but in a few years you can finally understand what else you need to add to your hobby in order for it to start making money. And someday the moment will come when it will be possible to switch from a previous job to a hobby, even with a loss of earnings. This will be the moment when you feel that the further development of your business is hindered only by the time limit due to the fact that it mostly goes to work. But in general, it will not be superfluous to create a financial buffer for 1-2 years in order to feel more confident..

For this period, you can even reduce personal spending, in the name of a good goal, so to speak. In addition, you can discover such an interesting thing as the loss of the need for money spending format «please myself», since doing what you like, as a rule, you already need to please yourself less, and without this it is good. I do not promise, but it may happen to you, as it happened to me. I no longer needed visits to cafes and cinemas, I lost any interest in buying things and equipment, I didn’t need anything at all in terms of shopping. No, this does not mean at all that I stopped buying, only now it happens without emotion, without «want», but only based on «necessary». I need a laptop for work - I bought it, I need to change my jeans, since the old ones are torn - I change them. But I have to buy all this already «I do not want», on the contrary, you want NOT to waste time on it. Therefore, it is bought only if it is really necessary, otherwise it is corny to be too lazy to do this.

Specific examples

In order not to be completely unfounded, I will give some examples. Naturally, it is impossible to cover all situations, therefore only what comes to mind in terms of remote work and work via the Internet. About office work, I think, and so everyone knows, you just need to go to the job search site and see the vacancies of professions suitable for you to try.

As I wrote above, the opportunity to earn purely on what you love rarely appears, and specifically to earn money you need to do something else additionally. If an artist paints pictures, then they need to sell them to someone, and then, either study sales yourself, or hire someone from the outside. Yes, it can distract from the creative process, but the world at the moment is such that the desire to earn should accompany the desire to create..

  • Travelers can earn money on the services of a guide (both working for someone and organizing their own tours), on travel consultations, on running their own travel blog, on creating travel guides, on publications in magazines, on photo stocks.
  • Photography lovers can make money on photo stocks, on photo sessions (both in their city and on travel), on Photoshop or photography lessons (both in the form of webinars / information products, and on their blog).
  • Fans of writing texts can make money on their blogs (on various topics), on copywriting to order, on publications in magazines, remotely being content managers of various sites, on maintaining groups in social networks.
  • Those inclined to programming can make sites, plugins for various engines, templates. Create your own sites and services, both independently and in tandem with someone who will steer content and promotion. And I am already silent, what are the possibilities of freelancing, and, in principle, office work.
  • Knowledgeable languages, can teach on Skype, write some of their own manuals, translate to order.
  • Disappearing from morning to evening in social networks, you can take care of your own groups, as well as promote and lead other people's groups. That is, study and engage in SMM. Including, you can sell some goods through these groups..
  • Lovers of clothes may well become consultants, they can start blogging for the same shopaholics, describing the methods of selection of clothes and various discounts. You can also open your own online store.
  • For sling moms, there is a direct road to slingo consultants, as well as to the resale of used sling, both simply through the communities, and through the creation of their own online store.
  • For food lovers, it is best to blogging food, organize webinars, or advice on diets and calories. There is quite a lot of space for projects, because everyone eats every day. They are already selling food sets for cooking every day, someone guessed.

Hobby turns into business

The only drawback of all of the above, I see that I have to work, and quite a lot. To make good money, you need to be an expert in one area or another, and this will take time. It’s like I’m hinting that there is no freebie. For some reason, many people perceive that money should somehow come by itself, especially in blogging. However, in fact, you just need to work, do some business with all the related matters, and in general «earnings» should be a goal in itself. That is why some bloggers (a small part) earn, while others do not (a large part). Yes, I think, not only bloggers ...

In fact, a hobby turns into a business, and without such an attitude towards it, it will always remain a purely hobby. This is a mistake of many people, including mine once. Believe me, people listen to paid courses and coaches to understand the effectiveness of this approach. It came to me intuitively, and I myself did not understand how I gradually switched to a more systematic approach, but how much time was lost ... interview with a popular blogger, finally put everything on the shelves.

You will have to make a choice sooner or later, or it will be made for you by circumstances. If you hate to make money on what you like, hate to make money on your creativity, then perhaps you should not start. Decide for yourself initially whether you are ready to combine your hobby with work and make a business out of them, otherwise you risk losing your hobby from disappointment and not doing business. Perhaps you should leave your hobby alone and do it for the sake of pleasure and self-expression when you are in the mood. Business, on the other hand, presupposes the presence of those things that you do not want to do, some prudence, and the need to take yourself in hand when something does not work out and your hands give up.

Is it worth making money on a hobby

I cannot but mention another scenario of the development of events, so that I would not be accused of opposing a FAVORITE hobby to an LOVED work. After all, work can be loved, but a hobby is generally only for the soul ...

It may well be that by embarking on the path of remote earnings, you may generally understand that you are only interested in a hobby in a hobby format, and your office work is actually not so unloved (pros and cons of freelancing). Anything can happen, and I am sincerely happy for those who are satisfied with the office, driving through traffic jams, etc. I have acquaintances who are not annoyed by traffic jams and are 100% satisfied with life in Moscow, I would also like that, but I cannot. And it's also great when a person studied at the university immediately for the profession that he needed, and then went to work in the same direction. I personally did not have enough consciousness in this regard, I unlearned just so that there was a higher education (during my student days, I was only interested in drinking / partying). And only closer to the age of 30 I understood the area in which it is interesting for me to develop professionally, so I do not exclude that I will someday mature for a second higher education, only I have already deliberately chosen.

Thus, by trying something new, you can gain experience, albeit negative. In my opinion, it is much better to try and understand for yourself that it is worth returning to your previous job than to suffer in doubts and not try anything. That is why life is given to find something to your liking, so that the process itself, and the result of the activity, and the format of work, are pleasant. Isn't this the main goal in professional implementation? It is only advisable to turn it all around while young, while there is strength and not everything is so strongly tied to the family and responsibility to it.

True, too impressionable natures will not have a sweet tooth, they are led by the headlines «leave your office and earn $ 1000 per day», «change office in the basement to a desk by the ocean» etc. Of course, earning $ 1000 per day is quite realistic (I know such people), but this is preceded by study, trial and error, a desire to achieve your financial goals, enthusiasm, and finally, time.