How to find what you love - analysis of life statistics

Recently I talked with a friend on the phone, regarding my favorite business, finding myself and other things. It's funny, they've talked about this more than once, only the circumstances are constantly changing, in fact, like the opinion, based on the experience gained in life. So, this conversation prompted me to write down my thoughts, which may be useful to someone too, well, in 10 years it will be interesting to read myself.

By the way, no one writes letters to themselves for the future? Then, after a while, find out what he lived, what he thought about, what questions were and how they were decided in the end. I don't write myself, but I often catch myself thinking when I find myself in some place where I haven't been for a long time (for example, near the office where I once worked) - but did that boy know that he would become that then it will live like this. Surprisingly, you can't predict in advance!

How to find something you love

How to find something you love

How to find your own business

I'll start right away with the recipe. He helped me personally, but realized that I did just that, not right away. It sometimes happens that the specifics in words or in the head develops after.

We all have «statistics» own life. Unfortunately, it is mainly available only to those who are prone to introspection or have a certain logical mindset. But that's not what I mean. So, statistics clearly speaks about who you are, what you like, what you would like to do, and what you really do, and not just want. It is statistics that make it clear where the real desires are, and where the hypothetical ones, or, in other words, determines our inclination to this or that occupation. Surely, more than once you noticed that you want something, but in fact you do it differently. For example, you don't go to the gym, although you want to look good, go to bed and get up late, although you dream of being a morning person, burn with emigration, and in fact there is no progress in this direction. In general, if you look back and analyze recent years, you can draw various useful conclusions and come up with new motivations for the implementation of those goals that have stalled with old motivations. There are many things you can use statistics for.

Well, the recipe itself - statistics often gives an understanding of what you have been doing all your life or part of your life in one way or another, no matter what. The main thing is not to be afraid to admit it to yourself and not to run away from it. It turned out to be travel for me, a photograph of my friend. Of course, there are no guarantees at all that you will not be mistaken, in fact, as well as universal recipes. This is just one of the options how it can be.

How to recognize «his» it's about statistics

Once I just looked around and realized that I was always drawn to travel and the process called the road. It got to the point that I quit my job because I could not endure my vacation. Naturally, this understanding alone did not bring me closer to my favorite business and earnings. And it was also easy not to pay attention to travel at all, since they have nothing to do with receiving money. Still, we usually associate these concepts. So, my main mistake was that when looking for what I love to do, I evaluated everything on the subject, and whether this or that activity would bring money or not. This is not quite the right path. That is why I have known about travel for a long time, but I have never regarded them as a source of funds. Therefore, you need to analyze what exactly brings you pleasure for a long time (throughout your life), even if it seems to you at all that there will never be money from this. After all, in any case, you will want to do this, even if as a hobby, but it is better to know than to run away from it. In fact, your favorite pastime and is not obliged to bring you money 🙂

Here it is important to understand that different things can bring pleasure to different people and not everyone needs this favorite work in principle. Someone wants to build a career and this is the main goal, someone is rushing from how he puts the puzzle of purchases / sales and makes a profit, well, but some generally measure the whole number of purchases and they do not care about the process or the business itself, if only they paid more money. And there are those who are trying to find a specific favorite thing, when it is important what you do every day, and everything else fades into the background. Actually, there are a bunch of intermediate options..

But all the people listed above have a unifying factor - they want something, that is, everything depends on desire, without which there is nowhere. And you can try to isolate this very desire from your statistics. For some it will be just a hobby (a process that brings joy), while for others it will be a certain format of work (career growth, entrepreneurship, maximum money for purchases, etc.). You don't need to rack your brains and think about what you might want, what else to try, because, as a rule, statistics already have everything. Also, based on this desire, you can come up with a motivation for something. Thus, statistics gives an understanding of, at least, about your favorite business, about the format of work, about motivation..

How exactly to choose something from statistics, I will not tell you, it is too individual. In this regard, it was relatively simple for me, during my life various hobbies changed many times, but there were always trips, even to the neighboring region. Right now, we have a very difficult time with travel, but still I travel a little and the desire to be on the road does not disappear anywhere. Sometimes I catch «the road» on the way to the doctor 🙂 But, another thing is interesting, when travels are carried out close in time to the emerging desires to travel (if you wanted to - went), that is, when you do not have to wait for a vacation for six months, then in the end you want to travel less.

Also, the format of work had a very strong effect on me - instead of an office with a boss, I now have a house and myself (there are also disadvantages). As practice has shown, it was very important for me to work for myself and not drive in traffic jams. And although I am now thinking about coworking and my small office, it is still psychologically much more comfortable for me than before (a kind of upshifting).

P.S. IN next article I will share my thoughts on how you can make money on a hobby 🙂 Without this, the article would be incomplete. And what do you think about introspection and some statistics of yourself, you need something like this?