How much is a ticket to Thailand - my observations

One of the most frequent questions that my readers and acquaintances in general ask me is how much a ticket to Thailand costs and when is it better to buy it. And in fact, the answer is already partially contained in the question - it all depends on the time of purchase. But nevertheless, I will try to guide you on prices, since during the year I have repeatedly looked through air tickets for myself and my friends. Naturally, we are talking about air tickets, since it is very problematic to get to Thailand by land.

The situation, of course, is constantly changing, and therefore prices are different. More information about, how to fly to Thailand cheaply, based on experience, you can read in my article at the link.

The content of the article

Current prices

Since we ourselves fly in economy class from Moscow, I will also talk about the prices for budget flights from the capital. In addition, I doubt that those who fly in business class ask a similar question, and in any case, there is a completely different order of prices. It also makes sense to separate ticket prices for regular flights and charter flights..

We always search for flights through and These two search engines are quite enough. There are others, but I personally do not see the need for them..

Separately, I also want to mention that if you started monitoring tickets, then it makes sense to subscribe to the direction you need, and then you will periodically receive offers by mail. It is very convenient! Enough, a couple of weeks to monitor and see what the price will be, and then buy it. At any time, you can unsubscribe or change the direction of the flight.

Ticket price for regular flights

So how much does a regular flight ticket to Thailand cost? The problem is that the dollar is constantly getting more expensive, some airlines stop flying from Moscow, Transaero has been removed, so prices have become, to put it mildly, not very good. You have to look after the fact, everything changes too quickly.

A one-way ticket will cost from 12,000 rubles in the direction Moscow-Bangkok in the best case, but in reality, most often the price will be 15,000-20,000 rubles. The price for a round-trip ticket starts from 20,000 thousand rubles (for example, in the summer or early autumn), and more often you will see 25,000-35,000 rubles. The flight will be 99% with a stopover. On direct flights, the price can be even higher.

Prices usually go up around New Years and in January. In these months, as a rule, everything is more expensive, due to the large flow of tourists. From here we can draw the following conclusions:

  • Prices not on holidays are lower
  • Round-trip tickets are usually cheaper than one-way tickets.
  • If you are looking for tickets in advance and have met the price of round-trip tickets in the region of 20,000 rubles, then you can safely book them without waiting for a further drop.

Moscow is the most popular departure city. But I also noticed that it can be cheap to fly from Novosibirsk / Krasnoyarsk / Irkutsk. Although I don't like S7, it has cheap flights, including from Moscow, just with a connection in Novosibirsk or Krasnoyarsk. Well, and their own, those who live in these cities have no choice, not to fly to Moscow.

Last minute charter tickets

So, how much is a ticket to Thailand on a charter flight? In this case, I would consider exactly the last minute tickets, because there are not so many tickets for a regular charter, and it costs more than regular flights.

As a rule, the price for a one-way ticket is $ 300-400 and $ 600-800 in both directions, in the direction of Moscow-Bangkok. As I said above, this is convenient because there will be no transfer and the entire flight will take only 9 hours. And there are also air tickets to Phuket at about the same prices as to Bangkok. In addition, there are special offers with lower prices, such as $ 150-200 one way, but they need to be caught directly, they are rare and usually happen out of season. With such a dollar rate, prices do not seem low, but it will simply have to be accepted. Moreover, after the Transaero was removed, there is generally a problem with burning tickets. Now we will have to fly incomprehensible Nord Wind and Azur Air.

P.S. What other observations on the prices of air tickets to Thailand?