Should a lifestyle make money?

You've probably noticed that sometimes in the Lifestyle section I write my reflections on various topics that excite me, since not only travels occupy my mind. This post is no exception 🙂 One of the last questions that haunt me is whether it is possible to make making money a primary goal in life and how right it is, and whether money really gives freedom, or, on the contrary, creates affection ...

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Earn or not?

With the advent of this blog, new questions have appeared in life. I have always believed that one of the most important goals in life is to find my own business and immerse myself in it completely. This is the self-realization of a person in a professional sense..

And, if this is really a favorite business, then money will appear in any way sooner or later. Thus, in the first place is the search for real interest and improvement in it, and not attempts to profitably sell / resell or choose the profession that is the most paid in our time..

There is a reverse scheme, when most of the time is devoted to unloved, but profitable work, and only evenings and weekends can be spent on activities that bring joy and satisfaction. Actually, this was my version before I quit my job. But now I can hardly imagine how it can take most of the day (and then life) just to earn money, some completely mercantile meaning of life turns out, not befitting a reasonable person.

Let's leave the situation when money was urgently needed for treatment, let's take the usual most option - as a rule, everything is spent on daily comfort in the form of things around us.

Should a lifestyle make money?

Lifestyle should make money?

Lifestyle should make money?

Agree that the ideal option is to combine self-realization and sufficient earnings, or in other words, when your favorite activity begins to bring as much as you need. You just live, do your thing every day, and get paid for it.

Yes, of course, you need to overcome periodic difficulties, learn something, but you know why you are doing this and in the end it is also a joy. Although I once thought that what I love should be «shove every second», how naive I was 🙂

But what if the years go by, and the sale / money balance does not occur in any way? It is very interesting how different people act in this case. After all, this can happen for various reasons, ranging from the fact that this profession is not sufficiently paid in this country / city / world, ending with the fact that simply abilities and talents are not enough by nature.

Although the stories of how artists became famous after death, or only thanks to their impresario, evoke thoughts of the imperfection of this world. I want it during my lifetime.

Money is no longer a measure

The imperfection of this world lies in the fact that money itself has ceased to be a measure of anything. One and the same labor costs differently, depending on geographic location, supply and demand, brand, but not on the labor itself. That is, now it is more profitable to spend efforts on taking into account these very factors, and not on improving the quality of a product or service, since there are now millions of sales and marketing schools.

For me in due time it became an unpleasant discovery. I realized that a person with a low-paid profession will simply be forced to leave for the country / city where it is paid with dignity, or to drag out a miserable existence in his homeland. Either, as an option, earn extra money for the sake of money, or even completely retrain. Fair? It seems to me that no. In fact, the system makes people earn, not work..

On the other hand, we get what we deserve - both those conditions of the system, and the very established society that lives in it. I tend to believe that nothing happens just like that and we ourselves attract all situations. Despite the seeming injustice, it is difficult to talk about its complete objectivity. That is, facts are facts, but it all happened not in 5 minutes and not without our participation..

Real freedom or illusion?

When thinking about this topic, an equally interesting question arises about the illusory nature of freedom that money provides. At first glance, indeed, you can do a lot with a lot of money - and fly anywhere and buy what you want. But, if you look deeper, it turns out that a person binds himself and accustom himself to such things, without which the meaning of life is lost for him..

After once getting used to comfort, then you will need to constantly spend efforts to maintain it. Does freedom provide a way to increase your capabilities (read money) with a constant increase in needs? Who is freer, the one who needs business class anyway, otherwise the trip will not take place, or the one who feels quite comfortable in the economy? Monk processing beets in a vegetable garden or top manager in a luxury car?

So far, the only answer I have is that money gives only an illusion, and freedom depends on a particular person, regardless of whether he is a monk or a top manager..

It seems to me that it is impossible to become truly free without the development of your inner world and understand where is your balance between needs and opportunities, and the line between freedom and illusion, given that the financial situation may deteriorate in a moment, and no one is able to take away the inner world.

P.S. I will be glad if you share your thoughts on this matter. There is no clear picture in my head...