Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in Singapore - a huge green park

Singapore is a gorgeous and very green country. Despite the large number of modern buildings and tall buildings, there are a lot of trees and flowers in Singapore, and in «a heart» Singapore has preserved a piece of the real jungle, which was previously located on the site of the current skyscrapers.

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Natural reserve Bukit-Timakh

The Bukit-Timah Nature Reserve covers an area of ​​1.6 square kilometers. It is located almost in the very center of the city and is located on the slopes of the Bukit-Timakh hill. The eponymous hill is the highest point in Singapore. The height of the hill is 164 meters. There are more than 800 plant species and about 500 species of fauna in the reserve. It is now considered the only largest rain forest left in Singapore..

The territory of the reserve also includes the nearby territories on which there are residential buildings, the city drainage basin, the Botanical Garden (despite the fact that on the map it is far enough from the Bukit-Timakh hill), and Fort Canning.

Singapore has an incredible feature. In its small area, this state has managed to place many masterpieces of architecture, museums, theaters, temples, as well as tropical gardens and forests. Not so long ago, less than 100 years ago, tigers were found here and there were even cases of their attack on people. Singapore has managed to save this piece of the real jungle! True, tigers are no longer found here, which, of course, pleases, I would not like to be someone's dinner.

Now the reserve is a completely safe natural area, perfect for a walk. There are benches, paths, bridges and steps. It will be nice to walk along three lakes or take a great photo on one of the bridges.

While walking, you can meet nimble monkeys who will try to snatch out what you have in your hands, or search in your bag. Be careful and vigilant. Feeding any animals and birds you meet is prohibited by law! I have already said this in other posts about Singapore, but it is better to remind it many times in order to save tourists from fines. Feeding wild animals can also be dangerous. Monkeys are capable of biting, not just chewing bananas cute.

There are many places for great selfies in this reserve, because, being in the heart of Singapore, you will plunge into a real jungle of rain trees. You will feel the humidity of the air, hear the sounds of birds filling the jungle, walk along the suspension bridge high above the ground. On the shore of one of the lakes, you can see low sheer cliffs complementing this entire beautiful landscape..

You can't get lost in the jungle. A map is given at the entrance, and there are signs on each path. A walk through the reserve will take about two to three hours. You can also ride around the reserve on a sightseeing tram. Be sure to take drinking water with you.

Reserve Bukit-Timakh

Reserve Bukit Timakh / Palm Valley in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a large lawn filled with palms, popular with picnics and enjoying concerts in Symphony Lake / Сommons.wikimedia / Calvin teo

A variant of the route through the reserve

A variant of the route through the reserve

Visit information

The entrance to the reserve is free and access is round-the-clock, but still I do not advise going there after sunset. The best time to visit is from 6 a.m. until about 7 p.m..

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Map of the Bukit-Timakh reserve and bot garden

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