Pattaya Beach - the center of big city life

What can you expect from a beach in the center of a large bustling Asian city, along which, moreover, there is a busy road? Not everyone dares to swim on the beach in the center of Pattaya. Rather, they will be walking tourists and local children. The water near the coast is dirty, you can see floating debris in it, empty bags.

In principle, they try to monitor the cleanliness of the beach - the sidewalk is neatly swept, the rows of sun loungers are set in orderly rows, the palm trees are green and rustle in the wind, the sea is pleasantly splashing with waves ... -something eats. Around, according to Thai tradition, they sell all kinds of food and various goods.

Various folk festivals and festivals are often held on the beach. All this makes the struggle for the cleanliness of the beach quite difficult. Many people see rats on the beach at night, and all kinds of terrible garbage in the water. In addition, tourists who walk around often do not behave in the best way. Despite all this, however, during the day and at sunset, the beach looks quite idyllic..

Especially for those who like to be in the crowd. Quite a lot of people always come to watch the sunset, Thais (and tourists) spread mats and arrange traditional collective picnics on the beach. It's also nice to sit in a sun lounger with a bottle of something you deem tasty, soaking in the pulsation of life in this slightly peculiar Asian resort..

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Beach description

The central beach of Pattaya has the shape of a neat symmetrical arc with a length of almost 4 km. The width of the beach varies depending on the low tide phase, in addition, there are wider and smaller sections. At high tide the width is on average about 16 meters, at low tide the beach is much wider. The sand on the beach is fine, yellow, interspersed with small pebbles.

In the north, Pattaya Beach is bounded by a cape, behind which begins Wongamat beach, at the southern end of the beach is the famous Volkin Street, behind it is the pier from which ferries leave for Koh Lan. Behind the pier, the beach ends with a cape with a lighthouse and a park, where huge red letters PATTAYA are located, above them, on a hill, there is an observation deck with an excellent view of the city center and the beach.

Entering the water, depth and waves

During high water, only a small strip remains from the beach, especially where there are many rows of sun loungers. The bottom is muddy, dirty at the northern end of the beach. Near Volkin Street and beyond, at the pier, urbanization reaches such proportions that only hypothetical pulls into the water. Entry into the water in most places of the beach is not very sharp.

At low tide, the beach is wide, the water goes away, tens of meters, the coastal strip becomes a swamp with shoals. Very large waves are rare, mostly quite quiet.

Sun beds and shade

There is a wide sidewalk along the beach, tall palms are planted, and along the edge of the sidewalk, from the side of the beach, trees grow, but not in a continuous strip, with breaks. Sun loungers under umbrellas are also not entirely small islands, but there are a lot of rows. On Wednesdays, no sun loungers. In principle, you can find a natural shade, but usually there are many tourists on the beach, but also locals and merchants. So there may not be enough space in the shade for everyone.

Beach photo

View of Pattaya Beach from Central Festival Shopping Center

View of Pattaya Beach from Central Festival Shopping Center



Pattaya beach at low tide

Pattaya beach at low tide





View from the beach to the Central festival shopping center and the Hilton hotel above it

View from the beach to the Central festival shopping center and the Hilton hotel above it

The group of high-rise buildings on the left is Wongamat Beach in the Naklua area.

The group of high-rise buildings on the left is Wongamat Beach in the Naklua area.










Since this is the very center of a large tourist city, along the beach there is generally everything that a rich tourist's imagination could wish for. Shopping malls such as Central Festival and Mike Shopping Mall face directly onto the road along the beach. On the second road, at the northern end of the beach, there is a Big C Supercenter.

On the sidewalk along the beach, you come across stalls with drinks and makashniki, in the evenings and especially during the holidays, they also sell all kinds of Chinese small things from stalls. Across the road from the beach there are many 7-Eleven and Family Mart shops, just Thai shops and stalls, markets, cafes and restaurants. The famous Walking Street consists of clubs, cafes and shopping..

There are also plenty of sights around. The southern part of the beach ends on Walking Street and, behind it, a promontory with a hill. There is a park with huge red letters PATTAYA, an observation deck and a large golden statue of Buddha. On the first beach street there is also the Ripley Museum, the Teddy Bear Museum, on the second beach street there is the Art in Paradise Museum-Gallery of 3D paintings, the Alcazar show and many others..

Closer to the north, not far from the center, there are several large souvenir shops (Oto, Lukdod) and the Gems Gallery gem factory.

Houses and hotels on the beach

All accommodations are located off Beach Road. Among other things, there are several high-rise buildings with expensive hotels:

  • Hilton
  • Holiday Inn
  • Amari Residences
  • Hard rock
  • Siam bayshore

There are also budget housing, but a little in the back of the streets, without a sea view. You can find a condo, but it will be the very center of the city with all the disadvantages of this location.

There are almost no houses for long-term rent, but you can find a small hotel with a green area. For example, Twin Palm Resort - with a garden and simple rooms.

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How to find the beach

The beach is located right in the center of Pattaya, along a busy road - Beach Road. On the southern edge, the beach turns into Volkin Street, one of the symbols of Pattaya. Also in the center of the beach, across the road, there is a brown skyscraper, at the bottom of which there is a large Central Festival shopping center, and on the upper floors - the Hilton hotel. Behind the first Beach Road, parallel to it and the beach is the Second Beach Road, and even further parallel to the coastline is the large Sukhumvit road, along which intercity buses travel, including from Suvarnabhumi Airport and Bangkok. There are three large roads connecting Pattaya Beach and Sukhumvit: North, Central and South. These streets run tuk-tuk.

If you are arriving at North Station or Tappraya Road Station, public transport can be easily reached from there to Beach Road or Second Beach Road in downtown Pattaya. Traffic on these two streets is one-way. On the first - from north to south, on the second - from south to north. From Sukumvit, at one of three intersections (with North, Central or South streets) you can change to a regular tuk-tuk to the city center. In the opposite direction, from the center to Sukhumvit, you can also drive on them. In addition to public transport, you can also take a taxi (in the form of a tuk-tuk or a car or a motorcycle taxi) from almost anywhere in the city..

Beach Map

Pattaya Beach Map

Pattaya Beach Map: