Philippines visa for Russians and its extension

If you briefly answer the question of whether you need a visa to the Philippines, the answer will be - no, you do not need it. Russians have visa-free travel to the Philippines, so if you are going on a short vacation, do not worry. But if you want to stay in the country for more than 21 days, then read below.

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How to get a visa to the Philippines on arrival

For citizens of the Russian Federation to travel to the Philippines, if they plan to stay there for up to 3 weeks (up to 21 days), a visa is not needed at all. The only thing that is needed:
- the person's passport. This document must not expire earlier than six months after it crosses the Philippine border..
- return tickets, without which even the plane may not be allowed.

The passport will be stamped with a special stamp declaring the program for attracting foreigners to the country - (Visa Upon Arrival Program). This stamp can be immediately extended to 59 days at the airport (in the afternoon), or later by contacting any immigration office. Further, the stamp can be renewed every two months until approximately 16 months of stay.

Visa for the Philippines for 59 days

You can also apply for a Philippine visa for 59 days in advance, this will save a little time and money. Naturally, it is drawn up at the Consulate of the Philippines on the territory of other states and this is done in advance. Further, this visa is extended in the same way as the stamp for 21 days..

Documents that need to be prepared for a visa:
- International passport and a photocopy of its main page. The conditions for the validity of the passport are the same - the expiration date is at least six months from the date of entry into the country.
- a completed and signed application form by the applicant (issued at the consulate);.
- two color photographs of standard size (3.5 x 4.5).
- an invitation from individuals or legal entities of the Philippines, which must indicate the purpose of the trip and the expected duration of stay. If this is a tourist trip, you must also present your hotel reservation. At this point, in Asian countries they turn a blind eye, and you can try to do without an invitation and armor..
- tickets to the Philippines and return tickets to any other country in the world with a fixed date.
- Money for the consular fee, which may differ in each country. About 40 bucks.

It usually takes one to three working days to process a visa. However, you will be informed about the time when the visa is ready immediately upon receipt of the documents. You can submit documents either in person, or through a proxy or through any travel agency. If the documents are drawn up for you by an authorized representative, he must have written authority for that..

It is important to know that all institutions offering visas (embassies, consulates, immigration offices) have a dress code. However, a cultured person himself must guess! Shorts and open slippers are not allowed.

Since February 2008, it has become possible to issue a visa for up to two months (59 days) immediately upon entering the country. This service costs $ 62.

How to extend a visa to the Philippines

A visa of any validity can be extended within the territory of the Philippines itself. The main thing is that there are less than 30 days left until the end of their validity period. Thus, the stamp (the one that is VUAP) can be renewed immediately upon arrival at one of the immigration offices, which is also at the airport..

And one more nuance! Since 2010, the country has a rule according to which everyone who is in the Philippines for more than 59 days is required to obtain an identification card (ID) with the name of the person, photo and address. This is the so-called. ACR I-CARD, the receipt of which is combined immediately with the initial extension of the visa. Therefore, when planning to extend your visa, immediately take with you a standard photo for such cases (3.5 * 4.5).

Estimated cost of document renewal:

- if the VUAP stamp is extended, and this is from 21 days to 59 days, it will cost about 3000 pesos;
- extension of a visa issued for 59 days for the next 59 days - about 4,800 Philippine money + an equivalent equal to $ 50 (plus 500 pesos for an ID card).
- extension after 4 months - just over 2800 pesos, after 6 months - just over 4200 and after 8 months - about 3000 pesos.

Prices are approximate. nothing in this world is permanent, and even more so when it comes to money. - of the site of emigration. - website of the embassy in Moscow