Holidays in Egypt and the ancient pyramids

What do you associate your holiday in Egypt with? Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the bright sun and beach holidays: the Red Sea with its amazing inhabitants, diving and snorkeling. However, those people who are not indifferent to the culture and history of other countries will immediately think of the Egyptian pyramids. And at least once in your life to see with your own eyes this one of the most ancient seven wonders of the world is worth.

The Pyramid of Cheops.

Despite the fact that there are many pyramids in Egypt, the most famous of them are the best-preserved Great Pyramids at Giza (Cairo). There are different ways how you can get there. The easiest option is to book a special tour directly at the hotel from your tour operator, or buy a cheaper tour from local travel agencies. In this case, the bus, along with the rest of the tourists, will take you to the pyramids and bring you back to the hotel. But «For a present» for this excursion you run the risk of getting a visit to the papyrus store and aroma oils salon, ride along the Nile and dine in a restaurant. At the same time, on the pyramids themselves, you will spend catastrophically little time, no more than an hour. The advantages of this option: you do not need to think about anything, and the relative cheapness of the whole vacation, especially if you fly on a last minute ticket to Egypt.

The second option is to fly directly to Cairo, and here on the spot arrive in the morning to the pyramids in order to have the whole day in reserve. Of course, this is more suitable for independent travelers or those who decide to buy a tour to Cairo itself. In these cases, the cost of the trip increases, but at the same time you can fully experience the majesty of this place and stay on the pyramids for as long as you need. As practice has shown, the time allotted for a regular excursion is not enough.

The third option is to fly on a hot ticket to the sea to Hurghada, and then set aside a day for an independent visit to the pyramids with a return to the hotel. The option will be more laborious if you live in Sharm el-Sheikh, and not in Hurghada, since Cairo is located quite far from it.

It's up to you to decide what works best for you. Our world is full of other wonders, therefore, if you have already been to Egypt more than once, and are thinking of visiting some other accessible country, then think about rest in Turkey, with its ancient ruins, good services, and rich history..