2nd LT Meeting Announcement - August 17

I asked a question on social networks, but very few people responded. On the other hand, a close circle is also very good, you can communicate more closely. And then we are sitting here in our area without getting out (trips for tests do not count), and Daria, like a true extrovert, suffers from «loneliness». Moreover, while the summer is outside, you need to catch the last days. We have an offer - to meet again in Kolomenskoye on Saturday 17 August, as well as last time. What do you think?

Please unsubscribe in the comments, who will come or plan to come.

Meeting point

We meet in Kolomenskoye at 15.00 near the church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. It is inside the park, inside the sovereign's yard. There are several churches in the park, but this one looks different, on top it has several blue domes with crosses. The meadows where you can sit are located not far from it. If you go from the metro, you will need to go through the Spassky Gate (Rear Gate), they are wooden.

Have a thermos / water, fruits, tea snacks and a good mood with you. We will sit on the grass, who needs to take something under the ass.

P.S. Do not offer with tents yet 🙂 Though we would like to, but we will get less pleasure so far than difficulties. Such trips were postponed for the future. But, by the way, no one interferes with someone who will be here in the comments or right at the meeting, agree and go. You can do everything without us.