4th LT meeting on Koh Samui - November 28

We are leaving in a week and a half from Koh Samui to Bangkok, and I do not know whether we will return here this season or not. And since several people have already asked me if there will be another meeting, they say they did not have time for the first, and we ourselves also did not have time to meet many people, so I would like to suggest that we all meet together at the end of November. Plus or minus number, it doesn't matter.

I think we can meet again at cafe Mickey Mickey to Bang Po. True, the playground that was previously on the shore was being made somewhere, either washed away, or removed because of the tides, but I don’t know other cafes with such a pleasant surroundings and a large area..

November 28. Mickey-Mickey Cafe. 17 pm.
The weather is so-so today on the 28th. It can be postponed only to December 1st, judging by the forecasts (although some say that the weather will be like this for a week). Further we are leaving already. What to do? We are in a car, we don't care about rain 🙂

I also want to go to the Hin Lad waterfall (without my family), so I will be glad to have a company. I hope the weather will still have time to please with the sun, otherwise tonight there were such lightning bolts and a roar that the traffic jams were cut out, and we woke up and then could not sleep, it feels like this laser beam is spitting into our house 🙂

It's been pouring for two days!

It's been pouring for two days!